Working Towards Your Next Thing – Interview with Preston Junger

Preston is the Co-Founder, Managing Partner @ Mile Square Labs. Former Yelp VP of Brand Partnerships (#82), entrepreneur, builder & believer in new ideas. Full-service traditional tech, fintech, Blockchain/Cryptocurrency & decentralized technologies sales and growth partner. Former IAC/Yahoo!/Apple. Family man, left-handed, sports fan. Limits like fears are often just an illusion.

He is an optimistic entrepreneurial-minded business leader, advisor, board member & mentor with international experience. Proven track record in raising the bar for success with a unique perspective and commitment to building companies, innovative thinking and execution. Excels in coaching and inspiring others to rally around a common mission, not following the start-up status quo.

He is an expert in Growing sustainable revenue streams, start-up process, raising capital, ICO preparation, blockchain tech, business development, operations, recruiting talent, identifying trends; organizing management & support teams; helping early stage companies develop playbook for success; growing communities & sourcing content; mobile strategy & concept; going against the grain; launching new offices; designing, building & evolving products.

Preston enjoys spending time with good people, coach/participate in sports (skiing, hoops, soccer/futbol), travel, good food & drink, building things, new experiences with family, good music, coffee & catch-ups (making time for fika), the great outdoors & keeping up with latest consumer trends and emerging technology.

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