Tax Avoidance For Entrepreneurs – Interview with Noah Rosenfarb

I teach successful entrepreneurs how to create lasting freedom so that they avoid the pain of regret. Freedom is the ability to make choices without constraints. Too many entrepreneurs make trade-offs they wish they could avoid. They speak with me because they want to work less, live more and create financial freedom.

Most of my clients start with our “Create Tax Freedom” program. We develop tax strategies guaranteed to save at least twice our fee, or it’s free. I’m a 3rd generation CPA and I’ve been studying the tax code 20+ years to find all the legal ways to avoid taxes. I’ve compiled a list of 23 Overlooked Tax Strategies for Entrepreneurs (link below).

I have a wide set of expertise and experience in all things related to business and money, not just taxes. I speak from experience – sharing the tools, resources and strategies I’ve used to build my own lasting freedom. I’ve sold eight companies and am currently acquiring businesses, websites and real estate so I have personal experience beyond being a technical expert.

I live in Parkland, Florida with my wife, Amanda and our two young children. I’m passionate about travel and fortunate to have visited 61 countries on 5 continents. I try to work only on days my kids are in school so we can enjoy massive amounts of family time at home, on the water and seeing the world.

When it comes to tax saving strategies, I’m here and happy to help. Feel free to give me a call at 954-790-6266, or email:

Noah develops tax reduction strategies for successful entrepreneurs and is currently writing his 4th book – 8 Ways to Outsmart the IRS. As an entrepreneur and investor, he has sold eight companies and currently acquires businesses, websites and real estate.

You can connect with Noah at

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