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Prepare for VC: Interview with Jason Kraus

Whether you are looking for a coach to guide you through the fundraising process, strategy sessions to help you toward success, or a quick redesign of your presentation before the big pitch, Prepare 4 VC has a solution for you.

Tinkering With Life – Interview with Amiel Mark Kornel

As entrepreneur, venture capitalist, board director and strategy consultant, Amiel has helped launch and incubate nearly 20 early-stage startups in the US and France. Currently Venture Capital Affiliate at innovation consultancy Strategos, he also has advised more than 15 multinational companies in the US and Europe seeking to launch new ventures, pilot startup studios, or redesign innovation practices. Amiel recently authored a critically acclaimed book on venture incubation, “Spinning Into Control: Improvising the sustainable startup”. An American who has lived off and on in France for more than 15 years, he divides his time between homes in San Francisco, California, and La Rochelle, France.

Trust Your Gut – Interview with Vic Pascucci III

Vic is Managing Partner of Lightbank, a seed and series A venture fund headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The firm was founded in 2010 by Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell who have founded 6 companies (Inner Workings, Echo Logistics, Media Ocean, Groupon, Tempus Labs and Uptake) which have generated over $12B in value. Lightbank is a top performing fund when benchmarked against Cambridge Associates 2010 vintage report. The firm sources proprietary investment opportunities from its network of 10,000 + operators, 250+ funded founders and co-founders, entrepreneurial DNA and deep networks across financial services, consumer and software.

Enjoy Your Failure – Interview with Gayatri Sarkar

I’m a General Partner at Blockchain based Sports Venture Fund named SportVEST, looking to invest in innovative sports startups building future of sports and creating the sports market valuation beyond $500B+ global economy.

I have 12 years of exp in fintech industry. Previously, worked as manager at Federal Reserve Bank, Treasury, Goldman Sachs, IBM, HP, EU bank. Founded two startups, one successful and one unsuccessful.

My expertise are venture capital, fundraising, deal flow, strategy management, product development, fintech, big data. My interest/research area is blockchain. As an angel investor, I’m passionate about emerging technology in Blockchain, AI, ML, IOT, cybersecurity.

I’m an advocate of blockchain for climate control and an investor in crypto market. I am on board of multiple Blockchain and non-Blockchain companies. Mentor at multiple accelerators and advisor for blockchain companies. Writer at Hackernoon and other Blockchain focussed publications.

Masters of BLOCKCHAIN (uncensored) – with Andrew Romans

VC, author, entrepreneur. General Partner at and

Masters of Blockchain (published May 24, 2018):
NYC event June 12, 2018:
Masters of CVC:
VC Bible:

If anyone wants to be a City Managing Director for pls email me to or Also happy to talk to investors about Rubicon Venture Capital and

If anyone wants to host and sponsor a book tour event in or outside of the USA get in touch.