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Never Quit – Interview with Shay Woodward

Shay is a 3rd generation financial planner. He is unique because he works to protect the wealth of very successful fellow car nuts. Most of his clients are, or were, successful business owners. “Were” because many have now sold that business and are now enjoying retirement. Many of them are also car nuts. Performance Wealth has a passion for just about anything cars. Classics to exotics. We love it all. What we do is help these folks make smart, reasonable decisions to protect their money. We’re good at that. Very good in fact.

The Art of Living with Purpose Passion and Joy with Larry Pino

In this interview with Larry Pino, we talk about his experience with private equity, investing, his thriving legal practice, the books he has written, and the assisted living facilities he is building…. but he paused the conversation about his professional accolades and talks about his family.