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Creating Legacy – Interview with D.J. Snell

DJ is a legacy agent, combining his gifts as literary agent, celebrity manager, attorney and mental health counselor in providing the service of helping clients create and implement a blueprint for the legacy they are building with their life.

How To Thrive As A Visionary – Interview with Mike Paton

Mike Paton (Payton) has spent most of his life learning from entrepreneurs. Today, he spends all his time giving back – as an Author, award-winning Speaker, certified EOS Implementer & the Visionary of EOS Worldwide. Specifically, Paton helps entrepreneurs clarify, simplify and achieve their vision – by mastering the simple concepts and practical tools he’ll be sharing with us today.

Sell Like A Champ – Interview with Evan Sanchez

Evan Sanchez is passionate about helping others elevate their thinking so they can elevate their business. Evan trains business owners, sales professionals and leadership teams with coaching and consulting designed to transfer skills and knowledge to grow the top line. Evan’s teaching focus on building a team of A Player by defining the mindsets, toolsets, and skill sets necessary to create massive growth and empower sales professionals.