Retirement Recess – Interview with Edward J Zinkiewicz

Ed Zinkiewicz retired from a successful 40-year career in software engineering in 2011, and began a second career as a speaker, author, and podcast host (Retire To Volunteering). Ed and his wife, Crys, founded a new company in 2010 to focus on helping people discover possibilities and avoid pitfalls as they transition into this new phase of life called retirement. Together this team has developed several courses and retreats including a favorite called The New 3Rs of Retirement.

Ed is the author of the three-book Retire To series that focuses on social relationships, health and wellness, and finding fulfillment after retirement. The series includes Retire to Play and Purpose, Retire to a Better You, and Retire to Great Friendships.

Ed is a graduate of The Ohio State University and Claremont Graduate School. He and Crys live in Nashville, Tennessee, where they continue to find fulfillment in projects, traveling to see friends, community and church activities, and spending time with their grandson. Ed loves to read science fiction. He has also sung in a bluegrass band for more than 35 years. For the past 7 years, the group has conducted gospel sing-alongs in three nursing homes each month.

Advice from Ed…
Retirement is not about keeping busy
You don’t retire from something
There are much worse things than running out of money in retirement

Ed’s Retirement Kickstart Booklet:  Watching Grandkids





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