Prepare for VC: Interview with Jason Kraus

Jason Kraus has an extensive background on both the venture capital side and as an entrepreneur. He was an associate for the venture arm of a private family office, reviewing hundreds of pitch deck presentations to filter companies for the investment team. Additionally, he served as a screening committee member for the Boston Harbor Angels and now partners with the CEO of the Boston Harbor Angels group, Ziad Moukheiber, on the EQx Fund. As an entrepreneur, Jason started his own startup consulting firm, Prepare 4 VC, to bring the investor’s perspective to startups and help them get funded. Prepare 4 VC helps entrepreneurs create business plans, financial projections, slide deck presentations and investor pitches to get the funding they need to bring their company to the next level. He has also co-founded several companies in the FinTech space focused on helping connect startups with crowdfunding and crypto investors.

Jason holds a MSc in Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership from Babson College and a BA in Economics and Math from Colgate University. He is active in the startup community hosting events as Chapter Director for StartupGrind sponsored by Google for Entrepreneurs, with 7000 members in Boston and 1,000,000 members across 400 chapters worldwide.

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