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The Finale – RIP BTJ

You are about to listen to the final episode of the Bet The Jockey show. On this episode, I say farewell to this company and I share the failures and lessons I learned along the way. It was emotional for me and pretty tough to say goodbye, but I made it through and am moving…

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Podcast Reviews

  • Great information
    September 6, 2018 by Dtero111111 from United States

    As an entrepreneur myself, this show is something I look forward to listening! Every show is full of great content.

  • This is Free?!
    December 29, 2017 by aabell03 from United States

    Josh packs a ton of great information for the aspiring entrepreneur in his show. I have been a fan since I got recommended by a friend. The amazing part is that he’s doing this for free. The knowledge within is worth big time bucks.

  • New Talent, Great Premise
    December 7, 2017 by Music2Heart101 from United States

    Josh is a quality interviewer & has a solid background in entrepreneurship. His insights with his guests are different than other podcasts because he’s got real world experience behind it.

  • Incredible!
    November 27, 2017 by Trevor Norton from United States

    What tremendous value Josh brings to his audience, an absolute treat to listen to!

  • Minding your Bizness
    November 13, 2017 by garbageghost from United States

    Really personable, great energy! Optimistic take on what can be a very dry and defeating subject. The host could definitely stand to get to the point and edit down content; the host can ramble and get caught up in his own enthusiasm, distracting from his focus. When he gets there, though, its a valuable insight from a down-to-earth perspective.

  • A Wealth of Information
    November 9, 2017 by A Wealth of Information from United States

    Greast podcast & host. Josh always has a smile on his face & make the interview feel more personable & easier to connect with guests. The lessons learned from hearing & seeing others overcome challenges is really inspiring & motivating.

About Josh

Josh was chatting with an investor group and heard them say, "we don't bet on the horse, we bet on the jockey...." They were referring to investing in the entrepreneurs who have a good idea, a strong mindset, and relentless passion for execution.

The Bet The Jockey Show is a show all about the stories of the founders and investors behind the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

This is an unedited unscripted interview style show where Josh breaks down all barriers and asks personal questions about life, wisdom, failures, and fears of those who are in the entrepreneurial trenches daily.

Josh also lets the audience in behind the mic and shares the most personal information from his entrepreneurial journal... including his biggest failures, fears, insecurities, and the celebrated hard-earned victories!

Hang onto your horses, you're in for a ride with me Josh Wilson

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Bet The Jockey - Interview With Ash Seddeek, Founder of Digital Wallet, Inc. bestcash

Bet The Jockey – Interview With Ash Seddeek, Founder of Digital Wallet, Inc. bestcash

Episode 5 Description: Welcome to Episode 5 for “Bet The Jockey!” In this episode, I interview Ash Seddeek, Founder of Digital Wallet, Inc. bestcash. He has created and been successful in many businesses, however, at his Business Profits Maximizer Coaching business, he works with Coaches, Authors, Experts, Consultants, Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs to create their shortest path…

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Bet The Jockey – Interview With Mark Santiago, Founder of Converge Leads

Episode 4 Description: Welcome to Episode 4 for “Bet The Jockey!” In this episode, I interview Mark Santiago, Founder of Converge Leads. Converge Leads is a Facebook Advertising consultancy that works with both for profit and nonprofit clients. Their primary focus is lead generation and customer/donor acquisition campaigns for small and medium sized companies. Because they…

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Bet The Jockey – Interview With Jacob Hiller, Athletic Performance Coach and Author of "The Jump Manual."

Episode 3 Description: Welcome to Episode 3 for “Bet The Jockey!” In this episode, I interview my friend, Jacob Hiller, Athletic Performance Coach and Author of “The Jump Manual.” Jacob’s “Jump Manual” has been featured on media outlets such as “FadeAway,” “Sports Illustrated,” “ESPN,” “Men’s Health,” and others. Jacob will share with you how he…

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Bet The Jockey Episode 2: Interview With My Friend, Mentor, and Father ... Bruce Wilson

Bet The Jockey – Interview With My Friend, Mentor, and Father … Bruce Wilson

Episode 2 Description: Welcome to Episode 2 for “Bet The Jockey!” In this episode, I interview my friend, mentor, and father … Bruce Wilson. You will definitely see the family resemblance but, more importantly, you’ll learn who I model myself after in business. Bruce will share with you how he got started as an entrepreneur and…

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Bet The Jockey-Introduction

Episode 1 – Josh Wilson introduces himself and his passion for promoting entrepreneurship. Description: Welcome to Episode 1 for “Bet The Jockey!” In this episode, I explain the future of “Bet The Jockey” videos/podcasts and what you can expect. I discuss the type of interviews and valuable content that you will be receiving on a weekly…

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How Do I Journal

How do I journal? Is this a question you ask your self? As I was running I was thinking of all the questions I was getting in regards to journaling, so I created this video after one of my intervals. This is how I journal. I hope this is helpful. Are you brave enough to…

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You are not that smart – Stop trying to fix you on your own

What does Google, Facebook, and other successful companies do when they want to grow? M & A: Mergers and Acquisitions   If you want to change or improve your situation, stop trying to fix you on your own. You are not that smart. Think M&A Partner with someone who fills a void in your weakness gap. You…

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What am I supposed to do with my life?

What is my purpose? I would lay in bed staring at the ceiling wondering what am I supposed to do with my life. Walk with me as we discuss the three pillars of purpose… Who am I – the personal value proposition Who do I serve – your people What do I do for them…

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Jobs on the Chopping Block

Did you receive this advice growing up? Get a degree … get a job … work there loyally for 35 years … pay your dues AND THEN Retire on the beach in south Florida and live out the rest of your life (what’s left of it) swinging golf clubs and sipping margaritas while listening to…

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Follow The Fun Interview – Coffee With Claire TV

I was visiting one of my friend’s TV shows here in Dallas called Coffee With Claire which airs on WBTVN (Women’s Broadcast Television Network which has millions of online viewers) to say hi and to watch one of her shows. Well, I should have know that Claire, who teaches improve professionally would have something up…

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Kid-Preneur Tip # 1: How to make money

My daughter asked this morning if we can make money together… I said sure bud, how do we make money.  Her response was brilliant. Entrepreneurs make money by talking (education, training, etc) and by changing diapers (cleaning up people’s messes!) Great business tips from a 4 year old kid-preneur  

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Capture Creativity

Capture creativity when it comes to you.  If you do not, it will quickly run from you and find someone else who is worthy of it  

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The Expert Journey

Are you looking to build your own consultancy your agency? Or do you just want to be the top your game and be known as the expert for your niche? This is the expert journey.   Do it first for another expert. Learn from them on their dollar, extracting every bit of knowledge and experience…

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Growth Thru Strategic Partnerships

When growing your audience it is your job as entrepreneur to identify your ideal customer, find out where they congregate and how to attract and capture their attention. To do this you can look to divert audience flow from another channel towards yours.  If you choose this route you will have to convince and convert…

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Yes And…

Entrepreneur Tip # 9: “Yes And…..” – Claire My friend Claire hosts a tv show, coaches entrepreneurs, and is an improve comedian… Yesterday I went to watch one of her shows and when I showed up she said I am up next for one of her mini series and I will be on camera in…

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Strengths and Weaknesses

Focus your energy on your strengths and your dollars on your weaknesses. I have to constantly sharpen my strengths and my personal value proposition and do a better job at getting rid of my weaknesses.  Want to hear some of my thoughts on how I approach this? What are your thoughts? How do you overcome…

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How Free Offers Work

How Free Offers Work Speaking of offers, I want to start with a quote about offers from my favorite villain – “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse” – Godfather Our goal as marketers is to create offers people can’t refuse right?  How about the free offer… Does it work?  How about an…

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What Does A Screwdriver Do?

What is a screw driver built for?  You can use it for many things, but a screw driver’s purpose is to insert and remove screws. No sick pun intended, but a Screw Driver’s purpose is to screw… right?  Ok, stop giggling for a moment and ask yourself why that was so easy for you to…

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Too Many Hats Not Enough Time

In the fast paced world of entrepreneurship, you must learn to wear many hats to get sh*t done.  For example when I first started launching (and crashing) internet businesses I would wake up every day before the butt crack of dawn (typically 4:30 am) to create content, build products, begin prospecting, and learn web development,…

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We cannot go after thousands of men until we learn how to win one

Brands are born and grow into the a valuable promise. Do not let the fear of simplicity persuade you from creation.  Become known to a very specific group of people by solving a very specific problem or by creating a very specific value addition to this group. “We cannot go after thousands of men until…

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Developing Opportunities Using LinkedIn

My friend Nicole, (Founder of Leaders of Transformation) is creating waves of impact in this world by coaching, training, and driving leaders to a whole new level in their business and their following. So Nicole and I put our head together to help our audiences leverage LinkedIn to find opportunities and strategic partnerships for their business.…

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The wounds of a friend are better than the kisses of an enemy

I just got off a call with a friend who has been wanting to start a business for 5 years.  He calls me all the time sharing new ideas that he has and asks my advice since I help entrepreneurs build and fund businesses.   After 5 years of encouraging him and being really nice I…

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Copy Genius Rather Than Create Mediocrity

Entrepreneur Tip #1: Copy Genius Rather Than Create Mediocrity When I hear an entrepreneur or startup tell me, “we have no competition” they loose credibility. If you don’t have competition then there probably isn’t a market because everything great has been done before, just differently. Competition is actually good in the world of startups.  Investors…

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Sell Products and Services Online

Do you need a sales funnel to help sell your products or services? Check out the sales funnel and marketing automation software I use to sell my consulting services, create membership sites, and sell my digital products. My buddy Russell Brunson, one of the TOP funnel builders online is going to show you behind the scenes…

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Entrepreneurship & Anxiety

Entrepreneurship & Anxiety I woke up this morning at 4:45 am and could not get back to sleep.  Tossing and turning, my body is exhausted and I want sleep but my brain is playing a record of fear.  Do we have enough money?  Is my daughter safe?  Will my baby be born healthy?  Will my…

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The Obstacle Is The Way

The Obstacle is the Way:  The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph My two cent review – Building a business is hard as junk!  I remember when my wife and I just had a baby and I cashed out my pension to start a business and lost all of our money!  I felt worthless and…

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