LinkedIn Optimization Session

LinkedIn is not a resume ...

It is a platform to build scalable relationships with highly targeted clients, investors, and partners

Million LinkedIn Users

Growing at 2 new profiles per second... yup another 2 just got added

Use LinkedIn Daily

If you learn to listen, you can uncover buying signals and large opportunities

Million Senior Level Decision Makers

This isn't myspace and a place for fluffy kitten videos.  Your ideal clients hang out here.

A few happy thoughts from the community

Grow your network

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Learn to connect and grow a community that you choose.

Connect with other business leaders, clients, partners, and maybe even capital partners.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

― Jim Rohn


P.S. - The average CEO has 930 connections.

Stay Top of Mind With Your Community

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LinkedIn is the #1 channel B2B marketers use to distribute content at 94%.

79% of B2B marketers see LinkedIn as an effective source of lead generation.

“The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise.”

Maya Angelou.

Create Engagement with your community

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Learn to create content that attracts and engages your ideal audience and pulls them into a conversation with you...

Where else can you do that at scale?

About Josh

My name is Josh and I have become an influencer on the LinkedIn platform.... 

Not because I wanted to, but out of survival.  Being an entrepreneur has its ups and a ton of pivots. 

I got really good at positioning myself and getting access to the types of people I needed to talk with. 

I needed to connect with people who would invest in my business, become a client, and strategic partners who could work on large projects with me. 

LinkedIn has become a valuable relationship builder for me. 

Once I learned the fundamentals of building an audience, creating influence, and getting into conversations with the right people, I started to have more and more friends ask me for LinkedIn help...

So that is why I love teaching about the power of LinkedIn and strategic positioning to my community. 

In a one hour video call I can walk you through my training which I swear will be a huge value to you and your business... Or I will do it for free.  

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What You Get

1 Hour Personal Coaching Session

You will get a 1 hour one on one video coaching call to optimize your LinkedIn.

Customized to fit your business

This isn't a cookie cutter program, you get actionable advice based on your business

Grow your network overnight

I will show you a how to rapidly expand your LinkedIn network overnight

How to get meetings with people

Do you hate being sold to?  So does everyone else.  I'll show you how I pack my calendar with sales calls.

Learn how to build your own highly targeted lead list

Don't depend on the crappy lists of prospects that you bought from someone on fiverr.  I will teach you how to build your own highly targeted lead list so you can create campaigns on the fly armed with this skillset

Create engagement with your audience

I will show you how I get thousands of views and interactions using my value-based content approach.

Get my top secrets for audience growth tactics

Get a behind the scenes look at my LinkedIn and how I tap into other people's audience to grow my network and influence on LinkedIn.... and do it in a way that people thank you

Get a recording of your training

After our training time together I will provide you with the recording for your reference or share it with your team to help them.

7 Days of email support and feedback

We are going to go over a lot of information and I am sure you will have some follow up questions and would like some feedback.... that is why you will get 7 days of email support and feedback from this training

Here are some topics we can discuss... or you can ask questions about other LinkedIn topics

LinkedIn Personal Positioning Checklist

Profile & Settings  - Your profiles are not resumes, they are a landing page to encourage a conversation

  • Use vanity URL -
  • LION - LinkedIN Open Networker - Welcome connections from anyone and allow anyone to see your profile… why is this important?  7 degrees of separation theory… you may not be my ideal client but your brother or friend may be. When we engage socially I can get in front of your audience
  • Remove anything that doesn’t fit the story you want to share
  • Get the premium or navigator

Imagery - A picture is worth a thousand words… what does your headshot and supportive images say to your ideal customer?

  • Background Image
  • Headshot
  • Supportive Images - You in action and image tone you use for your content

Headline - Your headline is like a subject line in an email… should I open it, keep reading, respond?

  • Describes your personal value proposition
  • Leverage “I do X for Y” format

Summary- Who are you and what can you do for me?

  • Personal - You have 2,000 characters to create authority, credibility, curiosity, and clarity as to why your ideal client should have a conversation with you.

Experiences - share a story of what you did and learned at these different companies

    • Tag company page
    • 1,000 characters

Company Page - Just straight facts about your value proposition and ideal customer benefits

    • Company page
    • Logo
    • Link
    • 1500 characters

Keywords - what keywords to you want to be known for or search by?

  • Examples: author, thought leader, speaker, podcast, publishing, etc
  • These will also serve as future hashtags
  • Use the language and words that your ideal customer or partner will be searching

Ideal Customers - Who is your ideal customer?  Notice how I didn’t say customers?  

  • Pick the main group or target and speak to them.
  • What industries or types of companies do you want to work with?
  • Who are the people you want to speak with at these companies?
  • Questions to ask to help formulate your Ideal Customers
    • What are their titles? Interests? Who do they follow?  What content do they consume? Where do they hang out? What groups are they in? Who do they answer to?  What are their pain points? What drives them? What platforms are they on?

Competition -  Find people doing what you want to do or people you admire and see how they position themselves.

  • R&D - No not research and development - Rip-Off & Duplicate.  Take what you like and remove the rest

Recommendations and Endorsements - The smart way to brag

  • Lift up your customers by endorsing and recommending them (when you do it 10 times you typically get 1 - 2 in return… law of reciprocity)

Content - (articles and posts) Case studies, examples of your work, interviews, brag about your customers, education, thought provoking updates, images, videos, everything you do should educate, inspire, or challenge your ideal client

  • Tip - when you tag people correctly you get in front of their audience!  #audiencehacking!
  • Peacocking - celebrity status, authority building, and attraction marketing

Growth and Engagement - Hit the 500 club is first priority

  • Once profile is up… turn on the gas. Address book, contact uploads, spreadsheets, lists etc
  • CLAM method - Comment, Like, Ask for Connection, Message …. Do this for your ideal customers
  • The Flow -
    • Focus on 52 ideal clients at a time.  Do 11 activities towards your ideal clients Mon - Fri (CLAM Method)
    • Post at least 1 a day (see content for advice)
    • Create at least 1 article per month

100% Satisfaction money back Guarantee

You get all of the above plus 7 days of free email support and feedback for a one time cost of $125

Click on the "get started" button to place the order and once completed you will get a private link to schedule your 1 on 1 training session.