Here are the incredible people who have shared their story on the Bet The Jockey Show

Madden In Real Life – Interview with Sohrob Farudi

Sohrob is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Fan Controlled Football League – the first professional sports league built for the digital fan and where the fans make all the decisions. He’ll be sharing his thoughts on the future of the sports fan experience and building an entire sports enterprise from scratch.

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Tax Avoidance For Entrepreneurs – Interview with Noah Rosenfarb

Noah develops tax reduction strategies for successful entrepreneurs and is currently writing his 4th book – 8 Ways to Outsmart the IRS. As an entrepreneur and investor, he has sold eight companies and currently acquires businesses, websites and real estate.

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How To Get Funded – Interview with Mike Periu

Mike is an entrepreneur, adviser and angel investor with 20 years of experience advising companies on fundraising, financing and financial forecasting.

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Later Doesn’t Exist – Interview with Mark Metry

Mark Metry wears many hats but is mostly known for being the host of Top 50 Self-Help podcast on iTunes and Spotify called Humans 2.0!

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Don’t Go All In – Interview with David Segura

David is an Entrepreneur and Angel Investor with nearly 40 investments under his belt. After selling his previous startup, Giant Media, David recently joined a promising cryptocurrency based in New York called Carbon as their CMO.

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Fire Someone Today – Interview with Bob Pritchett

Bob Pritchett co-founded Faithlife Corporation (makers of Logos Bible Software) and serves as President/CEO.

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Adult Monopoly – Interview with Chris Loeffler

Chris has created an avenue for accredited investors to build their wealth via diverse real estate portfolios that work for you. Though relationships and strategic planning Caliber is the leader in the market working together with their investors.

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Going Public – Interview with Lee Thurburn

Lee is a serial entrepreneur, an adjunct professor at UT Arlington, and a Christian business owner who loves helping people.

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Working Towards Your Next Thing – Interview with Preston Junger

Preston is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Mile Square Labs (a revenue agency that works with global start-ups to improve their sales and business development efforts).

Preston is the former Yelp VP of Brand Partnerships (employee #82). Prior to Yelp, he worked with IAC, Yahoo! and Apple. He is a family-man, left-handed, Swedish & Irish descent & big live music and sports fan.

Preston is an investor, advisor and coach to countless start-ups and growth companies from Stockholm to San Francisco. On the show, he will share some stories of being a founder, and helping founders accelerate sales and revenue efforts.

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Tinkering With Life – Interview with Amiel Mark Kornel

As entrepreneur, venture capitalist, board director and strategy consultant, Amiel has helped launch and incubate nearly 20 early-stage startups in the US and France. Currently Venture Capital Affiliate at innovation consultancy Strategos, he also has advised more than 15 multinational companies in the US and Europe seeking to launch new ventures, pilot startup studios, or redesign innovation practices. Amiel recently authored a critically acclaimed book on venture incubation, “Spinning Into Control: Improvising the sustainable startup”. An American who has lived off and on in France for more than 15 years, he divides his time between homes in San Francisco, California, and La Rochelle, France.

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Retirement Recess – Interview with Edward J Zinkiewicz

Short: Ed is an author, speaker, and podcast host who will be sharing his insights intro retirement and what nearly or newly retired folks can do to avoid the surprises, disappointments, aggravations, and fears so many others face.

Long: Between surprises that stem from retirement, disturbing changes due to aging, and false starts, over 60% of retirees find themselves worried, bored, or sad in retirement. And a great many of them struggle to find a meaningful way to keep active after retirement.

Ed Zinkiewicz is on a mission to help retirees beat those odds. Speaker, author, and podcast host, Ed is spreading the word to nearly and newly retired folks so they can find joy, make friends, and keep up.

No stranger to these problems himself, Ed tells how he and his wife worked their way into a fulfilling retirement after their initial foray into these surprisingly muddy waters. How hard could it be to stop work? Ed can tell you exactly.

Join him as he introduces the three basic stepping stones he and his wife used to climb into their new, now extremely satisfying retirement.

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Excuses or Choices – Interview with Jessica Brightman

JB is a marketing creative who decided to give up the normal 9 to 5 and is now freelancing her way around the world.

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Fired Over Voicemail – Interview with John Crowley

John Crowley helps pharmaceutical and medical device sales representatives build a personal brand so they can take control of their career and make much, much more money.

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Trust Your Gut – Interview with Vic Pascucci III

Vic is Managing Partner of Lightbank, a seed and series A venture fund headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The firm was founded in 2010 by Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell who have founded 6 companies (Inner Workings, Echo Logistics, Media Ocean, Groupon, Tempus Labs and Uptake) which have generated over $12B in value. Lightbank is a top performing fund when benchmarked against Cambridge Associates 2010 vintage report. The firm sources proprietary investment opportunities from its network of 10,000 + operators, 250+ funded founders and co-founders, entrepreneurial DNA and deep networks across financial services, consumer and software.

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PowerPoint Nomads – Interview with Camille Holden and Taylor Croonquist

Camille and Taylor are digital nomads and expert PowerPoint trainers who spend their weekdays helping busy professionals save PowerPoint hours and gain peace of mind; and their weekends going on globetrotting adventures.

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