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Entrepreneur Tip # 9: “Yes And…..” – Claire
My friend Claire hosts a tv show, coaches entrepreneurs, and is an improve comedian…

Yesterday I went to watch one of her shows and when I showed up she said I am up next for one of her mini series and I will be on camera in 4 minutes. I have recorded hundreds of videos for my fitness company and have over 100k views but I was so nervous I was literally shaking.

What was I going to say, would I look like an idiot, what if I mess up?  I was afraid to be honest…. but

I said Yes and dove in through my nervousness and fear and had a wonderful friend to stand by my side through it all. Claire is an incredible leader and inspiration to entrepreneurs.  She teaches people to show up and  say “Yes and…” when faced with a choice, even if it makes you nervous.

What would happen if you did something that made you really nervous but knew it could help you make a bigger impact?

When you say “Yes and..” dive into things that make you afraid you get to participate in great opportunities like being on TV and connecting to American music legend like Sir Earl Toon (co-wrote a song you may know…. “Celebrate good time come on!”)

When you face your fears you build your courage muscle and you get an opportunity to feel fully alive.

Fear becomes a blessing when conquered and a curse when obeyed.

What fear do you need to conquer today?


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