What Does A Screwdriver Do?

What is a screw driver built for?  You can use it for many things, but a screw driver’s purpose is to insert and remove screws.

No sick pun intended, but a Screw Driver’s purpose is to screw… right?  Ok, stop giggling for a moment and ask yourself why that was so easy for you to identify the Screw Driver’s purpose?

What is your purpose?  What were you built for?  Please do not reply with the same purpose of the Screw Driver 🙂

Seriously though, is it easy for you to answer for yourself?

Not really right?

If Screw Driver’s had emotions and could talk, I imagine they would say they feel most alive, fulfilled, and rewarded when they acted in accordance with how they were uniquely built.  The Screw Driver has a unique value proposition, to screw in screws.  Sure a hammer can pound the screws in with enough force but the threads weaken and the wood occasionally splits.  No one screws in screws like the Screw Driver.

What about you?  What is your unique value proposition?

I was born and raised working on a construction job site with my father the carpenter.  When we were remodeling a house that was 100 years old, I would grab my tool box and pull out the right tools to accomplish the small tasks that my father assigned me.  When I used the wrong tool for the job, I became frusturated, damaged the tools, and essentially screwed up the task at hand.  My dad would then teach me a valuable lesson by making me pay for the broken tool.  You messed up a $50 task to try and save yourself from buying a $5 tool.

Just like the tool box I had on the construction site, I have one today.  My toolbox is made up of people and partners with unique value propositions.  No I am not calling my network a bunch of tools, but I am saying that when someone wants start or grow a business, nonprofit, or social enterprise, I know people who are experts in fundraising, conversion rate optimization, growth hacking, persuasion marketing, strategy, operations, financial and business modeling, lead generation, technology, sales processes, team building, etc…. you get the point right?

What makes these “tools” valuable is that they know their unique value proposition and I know how to bring in the right “tool”.  Exciting projects are built well when the right tools are being used in the right way towards the right plan.

Us “tools” need to be more like the Screw Driver and …

To Discover and Leverage our own unique value propositions.

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