How Free Offers Work

How Free Offers Work

Speaking of offers, I want to start with a quote about offers from my favorite villain – “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse” – Godfather

Our goal as marketers is to create offers people can’t refuse right?  How about the free offer… Does it work?  How about an example we can sink our teeth into ….

Let’s say you are a new dentist and you are wanting to grow your practice beyond your mom and immediate family so you can pay off your school debt….

You call a marketing agency and they create a 100 page marketing and strategy plan for you to follow which includes posting 5 updates on each social site ranging from what you ate this morning to pictures of shiny white teeth.  You get a little freaked out because you just spent the last 8 years in school studying teeth and now you are staring with awe at all the new technologies, social sites, and tools that people expect you to learn…. you are overwhelmed and ready to throw in the towel.

Before you do that, let’s take 5 minutes and share a tactic that has worked for hundreds of years and will continue to work in any marketplace regardless of the technologies used.


Howdy fellow entrepreneurs.  Today, let’s talk about the free offer tactic that you see on internet offers, late night infomercials, and print ads.  How do they work?  Why do they work?  and Should you think about using this tactic…

As a dentist, you realize that it is hard to acquire new customers.  You have tried print, radio, and you even have your mom dressed up as a tooth fairy spinning signs on the sidewalk.  You know that if people just come for a visit then they will be a loyal customer and bring in their whole family and pay lots of money for braces, cavities and repairs… but how do you get people to come in?

You need something to entice people to come in and try you out.  You know that a small family of 3 will make you tens of thousands of dollars over the next 15 years with you but you have to get them to come in and trust you…. so you offer to give away something.

You look at all the inventory that you purchased from reps and trade shows and found hundreds of whitening kits sitting in a closet in the back and you have a brilliant idea!   What if we gave away a free whitening session to moms?  You did the math and it only cost you about $7 a kit and all the dentist are selling them for $75.

You have your nephew create a Facebook add for a Free Whitening Session valued at $75 to get people to come into the office.  You and your nephew targeted people who live within 15 miles of your office and focused on women with a family of young children.  The offer goes something like this

Picture of a woman and her kids who all have shiny teeth…. the ad says something to the affect of…

“Free teeth whitening for the whole family… even safe for your kids!”

Get your free kit by clicking here  …. URL which drives the customer to a landing page that allows the mommy to enter her information and schedule a time for her whole family to come into the office and one after another you examine the whole family’s teeth and apply whitening to mommy, daddy, and 2 of the older kids aged 10 and 15.  You gave away 4 kits which costs you $28 but now you have the opportunity to mention to mom that little Betty (aged 15) could use some clear braces, but don’t worry her friends will hardly even see them.  Not like the big scary metal ones that we had to use as kids.  and little Johnny needs 2 cavities fixed or he will lose the teeth which will cost thousands of dollars to fix later on.  Daddy needs to do a better job at flossing and maybe mommy is interested in veneers…

That story is a little extreme but do you get the picture?  $28 worth of kits given away to get potentially thousands of dollars of business in the door.  Great ROI isn’t it?

The purpose of the Free Offer is to incentivize a potential customer to give you an email address, come in for a visit, or schedule a call with you.  Now you have their information and attention you can provide a larger ticket item or nurture them for a a big sale later on.

Want to see this in action by some experts who taught me this tactic?

Click here (or the picture below) for a free book that teaches you how to leverage a Free Offer to acquire new customers.

Learn and mirror those who are doing it well…. copy genius.

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