Follow The Fun Interview – Coffee With Claire TV

I was visiting one of my friend’s TV shows here in Dallas called Coffee With Claire which airs on WBTVN (Women’s Broadcast Television Network which has millions of online viewers) to say hi and to watch one of her shows. Well, I should have know that Claire, who teaches improve professionally would have something up her sleeve!

We were taking our seats in the studio room with cameras and crew when she looked at me and said are you ready to go, your up in 3 minutes!

Seriously, I was instantly nervous. My knees started shaking and I dove into my nervousness and said yes… You will even see my “Happy Dance” consists of nervous shaking 🙂

She is truly a professional and walked me through the interview and I felt a huge rush of adrenaline doing that which made me uncomfortable or fearful. I was featured on her “Follow The Fun” segment at the end of the show. We had the opportunity of sharing the mission of my fitness company called The Village Push (workout for free, pay if you screw up) whose mission is to shrink bodies and grow nonprofits. It was a lot of fun and exciting.

Thank you Claire for what you are doing on this show giving words or wisdom and inspiration to your audience of women.

To view the awesome episode of Coffee With Claire and see my “Follow The Fun”, click on the link below.

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