Be The Bank – Interview with Ben Lyons

Benjamin Lyons, Managing Director

Mr. Lyons has over 30 years experience in banking, lending, real estate, construction and renovation projects.

Mr. Lyons has founded, built and eventually sold several mortgage banking platforms. He was an initial investor and shareholder of a commercial bank, a mortgage bank, a title company and a consumer finance company. Mr. Lyons has also sponsored numerous residential and commercial real estate ventures. Most recently, he co-founded a bank out-source company located in Orlando, FL., and a real estate investment venture based in Baltimore, MD focused on commercial real estate investments and development. He has personally owned and operated several companies which purchased and rehabilitated over 250 residential and commercial properties.

Mr. Lyons has been an active private lender over the course of his career and has made in excess of $2 billion in private loans on residential and commercial real estate. These loans were made using his own funds as well as money raised from individual accredited investors. The majority of investor-funded loans were done on a syndicated, individual match-funded basis; however, Mr. Lyons also managed a private portfolio of such loans from 1989 to 2013. The geographic focus of these loans were primarily in Maryland, the District of Columbia, Virginia, and North Carolina, with limited activity in other states. The most recent series of lending was performed from 2009 through 2012 with loan volume exceeding $25 million.

Mr. Lyons has served on the board of an FDIC bank and serves as an advisor to the Board of a federally regulated, State Chartered Bank. He currently serves on the Board of a private leadership and college preparatory school.

Benjamin Lyons loan production and real estate experience

  • End of 1983 entered the Real Estate business as apprentice for small real estate company
  • 1985 – 1988 bought approximately 30 residential and commercial properties as employee for Real Estate Company ( Mayfair associates) During this same period acted as mortgage broker on approximately 50 loan transactions
  • 1988-1991 – Founded United Mortgage and Financial Services – Sold Company to Employee. Prior to the sale of this company brokered approximately 250 loans totaling 30 million dollars in residential and commercial loans
  • 1992-1999 – Became Partner in Valley Pine Mortgage- Sold VPM to unit of Hedge fund January 1999. VPM originated approximately 100 million in Non-standardized Residential and Commercial loans
  • 1996- Became 3rd largest sharehold of Maryland Permanent Bank and Trust- Board Member- sold shares in 2000 at twice the purchase price. Involved with the review of approximately 100 million of commercial loans
  • 1997- Original Investor in Bay Country Consumer Finance- Sold ownership to partner for profit in 1999. Company still in existence today
  • 1999 – Built 30,000 square foot office building. Sold in 2006 for 1 million profit
  • 2001 -2005- Bought company back from Hedge Fund unit, renamed it Bay Capital Corp- Sold company May 2006 to Publicly traded shell. Originated approximately 1.7 billion in mortgage loans as Bay Capital
  • 2006-2012 – Talbert Investments entered into service provider agreement with Community First Bank. Produced approximately 2 Billion in mortgage loans during this period.
  • 2006- Founded REPID, LLC – funded and sold approximately 150 commercial loans valued at over 30 million.
  • 2010 – Formed Dolphin Holdings, LLC to purchase 12.8 million dollar mortgage note from failed bank. Paid 2.37 million. Foreclosed on note in 2011. Property appraised for 6.3 million at the time of note purchase.
  • 2010-2013 – Involved with Securities Capital and service provider contract with Proficio Bank. Sold SC assets to Bank in 2013. Produced over 2 Billion in mortgage loans during this period.
  • 2013 – present – Managing Director & Chief credit officer for LYNK Capital & Securities Capital Partners. Managing Commercial loan assets of approximately 100 million.



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