Are You Unemployable – Interview with Jonny Nastor

Jon Nastor helps professionals scale and automate their businesses with digital marketing. He is the creator and host of Hack the Entrepreneur, which has received 4.8 million downloads, since its launch in 2014. He is also the co-creator of The Showrunner, where he has helped over 500 people start and grow successful podcasts.

When Jon was younger he felt like he was broken with the couple of jobs he held when he was younger. He equates the following traits, sleeping in, not able to take orders well and not being able to stay focused on one thing for a long time to being unemployable. Jon discovered he has ADHD in 2017, so that, he says, explains a lot about his past and why he likes to start things and have someone else take over.

Jon wrote a book, upon his friends suggestion, From inception to hiring executive editor to publishing, the whole process took about 8 weeks. He knew he had to put confines on himself to get things done. He knows he has another book in him, but nothing is on the horizon. He was originally pushed into it from his podcast audience. Jon doesn’t consider himself an author, and says the next book will be much like the first; the title will be the driving force. His book, ‘How to Stop Procrastinating, Build a Business, and Do Work That Matters’, was based on 50 conversations from his podcast, Hack the Entrepreneur

The first thing he did, entrepreneurially, was played drums in punk rock band in HS. He rented halls and his band and his friends bands would open for bands like MXPX and Rancid. He had to convince bands to show up because they were travel through the town anyway from Vancouver to Toronto.

“Why would you want to wait for somebody else to do something, like, if you want something to exist in this world, just do it; just make it. If you want it to exist, then there are others that want it to exist, too.”

He grew up around construction, and started his own residential construction company in Vancouver, Canada, and also owned some firework stores. After his daughter was born and was gone 12-14 hours a day, he though,  “There has to be another way to do this”, and then he figured out the internet thing, Ten years ago he sold the company and decided that he never wanted to work offline again.

His first company was involved in affiliate marketing, then he got into lead-generation software, lead generation software, then AdLabs was his first big break. He and his business partner created Velocity Page, a wordpress plugin

Jon says he’s the sales and marketing guy, and he hired others to complete the work as a team. AdLabs never sold it, but had a bid 6 months after they shuttered the business. They were offered low 6 figures to buy it, but never pursued it.

Jon’s next venture was Hack The Entrepreneur podcast, a consulting company for offline people to scale their skills to swap hour for hour/dollar for dollar. He teaches them how they can sell online and create sales funnels. “I was forced onto it. I never considered himself a consultant, just like I never considered myself an author or an entrepreneur before that.” Now he enjoys doing it.

When asked what did he learn from his mistakes, he replied, “Mistakes aren’t mistakes unless you don’t learn from them. It’s just an education. Every mistake makes me a better person and entrepreneur.”

He would not be where he is today if it wasn’t for his MasterMind friends. “It’s like being married to two dudes.” They all know that the overall good is worth it. This group was where the inception of Hack The Entrepreneur came from. At the time the software business was easy, it was going really well, but he was bored with everything. He wasn’t getting better; it was fun, but he wanted to get known for something and wanted to help others. He was behind the scenes with everything. His MasterMind buddies told him to start a podcast. His buddies bought him the equipment and sat on it for 3 months. Now it’s 4 years later and he’s on episode 445 and is out of software now.

“I wanted to push myself to get better, I wanted to push myself into my fears.The only reason why I’m avoiding this is that I’m scared to do it and it freaks me out, and that’s not a reason to not do it at all, it’s a reason why I should do it. I started feeling more fulfilled once I pushed myself to stand on a stage, I pushed myself into writing, all things that I dead and but I need that in my life. I need that in my life. I like to do things that force myself to get incrementally better than I was yesterday. I grew stagnant and too comfortable in my old life. It made me turn inwards.”

“We were meant to push ourselves, and putting off what you want to do for later is ridiculous, for one thing you don’t know if it’s ever coming, we’re given a gift right now, in this time and place. If you just spend 20 minutes a day on something, it wouldn’t seem insurmountable. Tackling something head-on does. If you just get started, you need to put yourself in situations where things happen.”

His parting advice: Jon’s Dad, Robert Nastor told him “The only people that don’t make mistakes are the ones that don’t do anything.”



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