If you’re specialized in IOS, you’re doing it wrong!

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In this episode, I interview Philip Morgan, who does one thing and one thing only: help certain types of people make certain types of decisions. As a specialist consultant to software developers, Philip offers guidance to clients in 17 countries across 6 continents through his books, educational events, and private practice.

There’s a path for a doctor to specialize in podiatry or a lawyer to focus on corporate fraud, but not every specialized discipline has a road map. Today, Philip shares his insights on how self-starters can find their specific audience by being specific themselves. Niche down! The world doesn’t owe you or me a job, so stop being a checklist of skills that everyone can do. Be memorable by being special.

Check out Philip Morgan’s Positioning Crash Course and start refining your value proposition today!

Hope you enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

    1. Decide what specific skill on which you’d like to capitalize.
    2. Pick an audience by learning to whom you’re willing to say no.
    3. Really listen to them, find out where they hurt.

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