Write a Bestseller, Give it away for Free (with Tyler Wagner)

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In this episode, I have a quick chat with best-selling author Tyler Wagner. After dropping out of college, Tyler set out to network, intern, and write “Conference Crushing.”┬áHe’s the head honcho behind Authors Unite and he’s here to help you sell your first book.

People think of writing a book as something impossibly beyond their grasp. Not so! Today, we talk to Tyler about his passion for helping others create passive income through the profits of their own authorship and the potential for business it can grow. His insights are practical but his best bit sounds counter-intuitive: give it away for free!

Listen in! Find out if Tyler’s down-to-earth advice might work for you. (I promise, it makes more sense when he explains it.) Apply for The Authors Unite Program for a free consultation with Tyler over the phone, check out Conference Crushing on Amazon (and leave him a review!)

Hope you enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

        1. Networking is knocking on 1,000 doors or going to conferences: these people will help you build your brand.
        2. Help people for free to collect testimonials.
        3. Have others hold you accountable for your writing.

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