The Balanced Life – Interview with Christy Schmidt, Esq.


Meet Christy, an Author, photographer, artist, professor, attorney, coach and entrepreneur… here is what she teaches.

REACH YOUR POTENTIAL…Life requires balance. Overcome personal barriers and discover your potential: Manage your time, get organized and reduce stress. Become confident. Develop strong communication skill and deeper relationships. Gain clarity and focus. Develop your personal vision. And reach your goals. All while experiencing sustained happiness!

Our founder, Christy A. Schmidt, has created a scientifically-based, sound coaching approach that will give you rapid, lasting results: The ASpire Method™ addresses the seven key areas of your life – which Christy calls The Needs Alignment Model as detailed in her book, Balance. Scientifically verified with demonstrated and lasting results.

About Christy
Who is the tireless and prolific author, Christy A. Schmidt?

Author, photographer, artist, professor, attorney, coach and entrepreneur…Christy is who many people would call Type A. She has been writing stories since the tender age of nine-years-old.

Christy with her brother, John, and dog, Chipper

She published a “few little things” while in grammar and high school – and a story and some poetry while in college. But, for the most part, her stories have remained trapped in dusty boxes or forgotten binders or trapped forever in stasis in her computer.

My characters were perpetually frozen in time. I started to hear them call to be emancipated.

As a professional coach, who trained under Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes, Christy knew the power of coaching. Her coaches encouraged her to follow her one true dream: To become an author.

She began by taking the snippets and chapters and forming complete novels. A massive undertaking, she has over sixty completed stories – and over twelve complete novels ready to find their way to your hands!

We wonder where she gets her ideas:

Dreams. Funny incidents. I get most of my material by people-watching. Real people are the basis for all my characters – although a character is often an amalgamation of many real persons.


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