Taking the Leap to Start Your Own Podcast!

Welcome to Bet The Jockey!

In this episode, I interview Luke Bayard, Founder of Cult of Startup Podcast. Luke started off as a college student studying Agricultural Business and has made a complete transition to contributing and building entrepreneurial communities while expanding businesses through social media networks.

An entrepreneur is always trying something new and continuously learning. Sure, you might be a novice but you learn just enough to be a threat until you are an expert. The information is out there and best of all, it’s free! Luke talks about utilizing that information and making almost an instant return by putting it into motion.

If you’re looking to shoot the shit with Luke, want to learn or ask him questions about social media or just get a general direction of how to start your business, he is offering to us Jockeys an hour of his time. To schedule your free hour, email him at lukehbayard@gmail.com.

Hope you enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

  1. Why should everyone start a podcast?
  2. Get involved in your startup / entrepreneurship community!
  3. Take a risk every day. Have an uncomfortable conversation, test a new marketing tactic, try to connect with some you think is unreachable.