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If you’re specialized in IOS, you’re doing it wrong!

Welcome to Bet The Jockey! In this episode, I interview Philip Morgan, who does one thing and one thing only: help certain types of people make certain types of decisions. As a specialist consultant to software developers, Philip offers guidance to clients in 17 countries across 6 continents through his books, educational events, and private…

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Make Money, Make Memories and Make a Difference

Welcome to Bet The Jockey! In this episode, I interview JP Maroney, Founder and CEO of Harbor City Capital Corp. He is a professional investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Like any true entrepreneur, JP has had some failures but has been building successful digital businesses for over a decade now. Currently, JP and his team have…

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You Don’t Need a Fancy Brand to Start Your Business Now!

Welcome to Bet The Jockey Podcast! In this episode, I interview Mandy McEwen, Founder of Mod Girl Marketing. She is an entrepreneur who has built a business based off of her own experiences with Internet Marketing and Web Development, who quickly adapted to grow a strategic team and tactical partnerships to increase her success. Her…

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