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The Marketing Whisperer with Joshua Boswell

Meet Joshua T. Boswell – (and his amazing wife, Margie, and their 11 children.). Daddy, Husband, Marketing Pro, Writer, Speaker  –  In this interview, he will share how to gain influence through more effective presentations, even if you are a reluctant speaker.

How To Be Brave – Interview with Jena Rodriguez

I went from homeless to having a great job, to business owner, to $700k in debt and bankrupt, to now generating over $1.2M as a Brand, Business and BRAVE strategist. Being brave is about saying YES without evidence, moving through fear and being uncomfortable yet doing it anyways!

If you’re specialized in IOS, you’re doing it wrong!

Welcome to Bet The Jockey! In this episode, I interview Philip Morgan, who does one thing and one thing only: help certain types of people make certain types of decisions. As a specialist consultant to software developers, Philip offers guidance to clients in 17 countries across 6 continents through his books, educational events, and private…

You Don’t Need a Fancy Brand to Start Your Business Now!

Welcome to Bet The Jockey Podcast! In this episode, I interview Mandy McEwen, Founder of Mod Girl Marketing. She is an entrepreneur who has built a business based off of her own experiences with Internet Marketing and Web Development, who quickly adapted to grow a strategic team and tactical partnerships to increase her success. Her…