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Be Habitually Helpful – Interview with Alan Peters

Alan is a technologist and a serial entrepreneur with three exits and the world’s most expensive MBA. His newest business, Shasta Recruiting, helps startups hire great people. He loves helping entrepreneurs and is here to talk about how to build great teams.

Someone Gets Me – Interview with Dianne Allen

Nationally known speaker Dianne A. Allen takes her raw experience, education and information and offers exhilarating solutions to life’s challenges. She works as a mentor, author, speaker, podcaster and life catalyst for bright and sensitive people creating exciting and diverse avenues to opening and expanding possibilities of personal transformation. If you want to be free of what holds you back, Dianne has a way of offering that needed push of inspiration to get your moving for your highest good. With over 3 decades of working with personal development, Dianne is committed to presenting ideas and strategies in understandable and empowering ways.
Four Books:
How to Quit Anything in 5 Simple Steps
The Loneliness Cure – A Guide to Contentment
7 Simple Steps to Get Back on Track and Live the Life You Imagine
Daily Meditations for Visionary Leaders
Midlife Suicide
Someone Gets Me – enjoys an international audience
Meditations for Visionary Leaders

Freelancer Vs Employee – Interview with Connor Gillivan

Looking to hire top freelance talent to take work off your plate?  Listen in on this interview with Connor Gillivan, the co-founder and cmo of the FreeeUp marketplace.  He helps business owners find, hire, and manage pre-vetted freelancers from around the world at affordable costs.