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Enjoy Your Failure – Interview with Gayatri Sarkar

I’m a General Partner at Blockchain based Sports Venture Fund named SportVEST, looking to invest in innovative sports startups building future of sports and creating the sports market valuation beyond $500B+ global economy.

I have 12 years of exp in fintech industry. Previously, worked as manager at Federal Reserve Bank, Treasury, Goldman Sachs, IBM, HP, EU bank. Founded two startups, one successful and one unsuccessful.

My expertise are venture capital, fundraising, deal flow, strategy management, product development, fintech, big data. My interest/research area is blockchain. As an angel investor, I’m passionate about emerging technology in Blockchain, AI, ML, IOT, cybersecurity.

I’m an advocate of blockchain for climate control and an investor in crypto market. I am on board of multiple Blockchain and non-Blockchain companies. Mentor at multiple accelerators and advisor for blockchain companies. Writer at Hackernoon and other Blockchain focussed publications.

Blockchain and Stoicism – Interview with Joseph Snyder

A serial entrepreneur, Joe has successfully initiated, built, scaled, acquired, merged and exited multiple companies over the last 15 years. He is the CEO of a revolutionary blockchain company that is changing real estate. Joe has been in real estate for years. He founded, the first company to bring blockchain to real estate. It is a public company.

Masters of BLOCKCHAIN (uncensored) – with Andrew Romans

VC, author, entrepreneur. General Partner at and

Masters of Blockchain (published May 24, 2018):
NYC event June 12, 2018:
Masters of CVC:
VC Bible:

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