Serial CEO and Mother of 5 – Interview with Elizabeth Hawkins

I launched my first family business the same day I launched my first child into this world…

My name is Liz and I am a family-based, serial entrepreneur.

It is part of our family’s mission to build businesses for our future, to share opportunities with others, and to serve our wonderful customers. I am a wife, mother of five children and am currently the CEO for two high growth, online businesses (my husband is in the process of acquiring our third).

After graduating with a master’s degree in mass communications, I had the pleasure of moving up and down the East Coast. From working at a lobbying group in D.C., to a fund of funds investment firm in NY, to the Provost’s Office at the University of Pennsylvania, I gained valuable work and life experiences as an employee.

I liked working, but when conversations about kids came up, I always knew I wanted to be at home with them. I didn’t want to lose the skills or identity I had gained in the workforce, though, so my sister and I decided to start an at-home business together. We launched our business the same day I had my first child.

I learned firsthand the power and freedom of entrepreneurship and I was hooked. My husband and I began acquiring high growth opportunity businesses like and that focused on my skill sets in communications and creating content for busy businesses.

Now I am busy building and growing our family’s portfolio of businesses and children.


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