Selling with Social Media (with Phil Gerbyshak)

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In this episode, I interview Phil Gerbyshak. He’s a sales & marketing technology speaker & trainer and he wants to show us how to boost business using social media. He teaches entrepreneurs how to drive sales growth by creating personal connections and strong relationships, by understanding your customers’ deeper problems and providing valuable solutions. Phil’s MO is to connect people and technology to create business opportunities. “It’s selling WITH social – not selling ON social.”

It was super fun to have Phil on our show! He’s got a lot of energy and perspective in a realm that can be dizzying, so check him out at his personal site, LinkedIn or Twitter to learn about what he can do for you and your business. He’s a prolific writer with tons of readily available material on all of his web platforms. Phil’s got FOCUS and he’s ready whenever you are.

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Golden Nuggets of Wisdom:

  • Get dressed before you get busy – get your LinkedIn (and all social media) channels in tip-top shape before you start trying to work your magic
  • Add value before you add volume – get to know people, give away as much value as you can by asking questions, sharing others and helping them out in any way you can before you try for any business
  • Change the channel – when appropriate, take the conversation off of social and have a phone call, a Zoom call, a Skype call, an in-person coffee or whatever.

Hope you enjoy

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