Sell Like A Champ – Interview with Evan Sanchez

Evan Sanchez is passionate about helping others elevate their thinking so they can elevate their business. Evan trains business owners, sales professionals and leadership teams with coaching and consulting designed to transfer skills and knowledge to grow the top line. Evan’s teaching focus is on building a team of A Players by defining the mindsets, toolsets, and skill sets necessary to create massive growth and empower sales professionals.

With more than 25 years as a personal trainer, coach and as a former member of the semi-professional Albuquerque Gunners soccer team, Sanchez knows all about setting goals and the champion mindset that makes one achieve new levels of success. In addition to a bachelor’s degree with special study in sports psychology from the University of North Texas, he’s been the owner or co-owner of three businesses, director of sales and marketing for the prestigious global consulting firm Kepner-Tregoe, sales manager at LandAmerica American Title (a Fortune 500), and a sales director at Dallas Business Journal, where he was named Employee of the Year in 2003 for single-handedly growing the bureau office by 16% in an economy where others were down 30%.

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Golden Nuggets of Wisdom:
Provide 1 – 3 small pieces of advice for entrepreneurs based on your expertise and experience.:
You have to sell.
You have to believe in yourself first.
You have to learn to pivot.

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