Profitability and Productivity – Interview with Lauren Midgley

Hi, my name is Lauren Midgley, founder of Lauren Midgley Consulting. I am a business strategist to help business owners run profitable, less chaotic businesses. I speak to business groups on the topics of profitability and productivity.

I work with high achieving business owners identifying success strategies to enhance productivity and drive bottom-line results. Connecting productivity and profitability for a business is my true gift. I find that most owners know how to grow a profitable business, but fail to implement basic strategies that once worked or allow staff to shape the business that does not support the owner’s vision.

Profitability and productivity go hand in hand. So does how we spend our time and focus. I communicate my perspective through my presentations, workshops and individual consulting, where I combine my 25+ years of wisdom from my corporate and entrepreneurial experience.

Currently, I am working on my 4th book, due out mid 2018 on The Power of Profitability franchisees. My 3rd book, a bestseller, “It’s 6 a.m. and I’m Already Behind: Strategies to Get Caught Up” —


– ENGAGING SPEAKER: Provide substantive information in an engaging way, so that the audience has actionable takeaways. Consistently ask thought-provoking questions that lead to true value on the topics of Profitability and Productivity.

– BUSINESS STRATEGIST. Known for being able to assess your current situation and provide real-world strategies focused on the top line revenue and bottom line profits for your business.

Are you a progressive company leader that understands the value of improving strategies and need a dedicated champion to help you get there?

Productivity Speaker| Executive Coach | Productivity Expert | Strategic Business Consultant| Franchise Business Growth| Published Author|

Advice For Entrepreneurs

1. Understand your relationship with Time — Your Recipe. What is truly important in your life now… family, business, self.

2. Take a hard look at your calendar and To Do list on how you are spending your time. Create the flexible schedule of when to do what task when you are at your peak. Make tweaks to improve the recipe.

3. Try it out for 5 or 10 days. What still needs to be tweaked?

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