The Power of Words (with Jennifer Hill)

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This week, I interview Jennifer Hill. She has spent over a decade as a professional recruiter, motivational speaker, media personality, author, social media & career expert. Jennifer began recruiting in 2003 and specializes in recruiting for top-tier law firms & corporations throughout the country.  She eventually opened her own staffing firm, JHill’s Staffing Services, in June 2010. Needless to say, finding you a living is what she does for hers!

And she does it with some no-nonsense perspective. We talk about how language affects our attitude which affects our outlook. If “our words create our reality,” then Jennifer suggests we move away from branding the things that frustrate us as hard but instead as “opportunities”!

Though, the journey really starts by asking yourself, “what really matters to me and what am I going to do about it?” Whether it’s for yourself or your community, hoping doesn’t do the work that hunting will.

Jennifer’s first book “Stop Hoping…Start Hunting!: A Job Seeker’s Guide to Finding a Job” is available on her website here and if you would like more of Jennifer’s wisdom, check out her podcast on LA Talk Radio every Monday at 4 pm, called “Get Yourself The Job”, which can also be found on iTunes.

Hope you enjoy!


Key Takeaways

  • Networking will always show you paths to success
  • Always pay it forward, donate, and volunteer
  • Even if you are in a normal job, it helps to have a side business


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