Poor Customer Feedback – Day 36

The things that are the most painful to hear are typically the most valuable.

I received some poor customer feedback yesterday and the pain of that is driving me to improve… I know I really can’t work harder or longer so I must go inward and work smarter and more effective.

I am working on me and my business because I dedicated the next 50 years of my life to serving entrepreneurs.  It is my art.

About the author, Joshua

Josh Wilson is the host of Bet The Jockey, an inspirational podcast for growth-minded entrepreneurs, and he's got a fire in him.
This is obvious within ten seconds of every episode: his gregarious nature glows with good humor, his warmth evident from voice alone.
His passion is to help fellow entrepreneurs find their fire and teach them how to keep it. The first comes as second-nature for Josh. The second part? Well, that's where Josh really has to strive..... to read more about Josh, click on the link below

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