Passion Permission Granted! (With Kelvin Beachum Jr.)

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In this episode, I talk to investor, philanthropist, and offensive tackle for the New York Jets Kelvin Beachum Jr. He comes from a sturdy family of entrepreneurs, raised as a man of many passions. When he’s not on the field, Kelvin works with companies like Chevron and American Airlines to help share his excitement about STEM education with american students across the country by spreading access and keeping things inspiring!

Kelvin talks a lot about “infrastructures” and how his passions were born from noticing the ways in which things work, like economies and technological advancement. Growing up, Kelvin depended on the hard hustle of his Father. When Beachum Sr would get up early and stay up late, trying to put food on the table, he didn’t call it “entrepreneurship.” That was just finding a better life.

Today, Kelvin does this by getting paid to do the things he likes. He’s blessed to play a game and wants us to find ours. Stop waiting for permission!

Hang out with Kelvin and I as we discuss the importance of supporting what we love, depending on the support of our family, and how to connect with the things you love. Follow him on a Twitter at @KelvinBeachumJr and check out his website for all the awesome things he does for STEM education across America and relief internationally.

Hope you enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

        1. Remembering where you came from makes where you’re at that much more special.
        2. Learn from the greats.
        3. If it affects you and you can do something about it,
          do something about it!

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