One Million Virtual Entrepreneurs (with Sramana Mitra)

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In this episode, I talk with prolific business writer and Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur, Sramana Mitra. She’s the founder of the first global virtual accelerator for entrepreneurs, One Million by One Million, and she’s here to share the tribal knowledge of the Valley.

1M/1M, her fourth company, is inclusive not only to venture scale companies but also to bootstrapping entrepreneurs. She believes plenty of valuable companies get rejected because they don’t fit the “right” parameters. Her decades of experience have shown her how hard the right circles are to penetrate, which is why she strives to pass on what she’s learned. She knows the first time entrepreneur’s journey has a steep learning curve and the resources scarce, which is why she’s educating jockeys from across the globe and she’s betting on them, too.

This interview was such a pleasure! Sramana has so much wisdom to share, so join her free weekly strategy consultation round table located at her website, which also has countless hours of extremely valuable reading material (also for free!) You can also read her writing on LinkedIn.

Hope you enjoy

Key Takeaways:

    1. Bootstraps first, raise money later! Momentum to sustain your business is more important than hyper-growth.
    2. Something you build now could be sold for much more later down the road.
    3. There are multiple ways to success and good mentors can help you find your options.

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