Mentor to Mentor (with Tom Goodlet)

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Today, I talk to Tom Goodlet, Rising Author, Dynamic Communicator and an Experienced Associate Minister with a demonstrated history of working within growing churches. Skilled in Theology, Leadership, Event Planning, Discipleship, Pastoral Counseling, Curriculum Development, Mentorship and Volunteer Management, Mr. Goodlet has devoted much of his life to fostering growth opportunities for others. As a mentor, he knows better than anyone what it takes to be a steward of someone else’s personal development and how that stems from being able to learn as a mentee himself. Everyone who’s ever mentored has once been mentored themselves. It’s a cycle, so let’s find out where you fit in!

Check out Tom’s LinkedIn and site below; don’t hesitate to reach out! His book “Mentor U” is available on his site and Amazon.

Hope you enjoy!

Key Takeaways

    • Mentorship enables you to go deep and grow fast. (laser-focus in on you and your potential areas for growth.)
    • While mentorship is beneficial to everyone, not everyone is ready for mentorship. It takes some Resolve and some met Requirements in order for it to be successful. (It is important to know how to make a C.L.E.A.R. when selecting a mentor.)
    • Mentorship is often seasonal and is not a lifelong commitment. The hardest step is getting started.

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