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In this episode, I interview JP Maroney, Founder and CEO of Harbor City Capital Corp. He is a professional investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Like any true entrepreneur, JP has had some failures but has been building successful digital businesses for over a decade now.

Currently, JP and his team have created something called digital marketing arbitrage where they are arbitraging based on inefficiencies in fragmentation in a huge $+200B market. In layman’s terms, his team goes and finds other businesses or products that aren’t being well marketed, invests and teaches them lead generation as an assets class and shares in the profits when they succeed.

Keep an eye out for his new and upcoming podcast called the ROI Show which will detail his theory on why you should not have a cap on your advertising budget. To read through his blogs, you can find tons of great value on his website

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Key Takeaways:

  1. The truth about how rapidly attract new customers and scale fast.
  2. Why you should never have an advertising budget.
  3. The power of compounding ROI as a business owner and investor.

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