Just make sure they have Wi-Fi (with John Elston)

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In this episode, I chat with John Elston, best-selling Amazon author of “The Remote Revolution”. After three decades climbing the corporate ladder, John traded in his 7 figure office job to start his own marketing agency and work from, well, wherever he feels inspired!

How can you start to think about working “anywhere”? John walks us through the steps and benefits of working remote, saying it allows us to become “citizens of the world”. The funny thing is, he used to be the stubborn CEO watching his talented team ebb away from the anchor of an office. When he finally embraced the freedom of remote work for his company, he earned his very first slow clap, followed closely by a standing ovation. The rest is revelation: you can make a living anywhere that feeds your spirit (so long as there’s Wi-fi).

Come along (this time, to Mexico!) and share John’s sunshine. He’s super straight-forward and he’s got tons of great advice that can change your mind about the kind of work culture for which you’re willing to settle. You can find “The Remote Revolution” at Amazon, available in print and e-book.

Want to read it for free? Contact John on his website, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram! The first five will get a signed copy of his book along with a message to inspire you to chase the life you’ve always wanted.

Hope you enjoy

Key Takeaways:

                1. Be the best employee you can be. What can you work on so that employers are more likely to take a chance on you?
                2. Have resources set up BEFORE you make the jump: activate your network a couple months before.
                3. Check out flexjobs.com, by the way. John recommends this site for freelancers looking for a first dip in the pool.

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