How To Launch Products – Interview with Brock Felt

Mr. Felt is a serial entrepreneur. He has launched businesses in health, software, consulting services, data science, risk management, e-commerce, lead generation, product development, real estate, and online acquisition. His holdings have included auto dealerships, event companies, skincare, and education. In 2001 Mr. Felt co-founded the Award Winning Marketing Agency FAME. LLC (Felt Advertising & Marketing Enterprises) with Bruce Whiting of (and 2002 House of Representatives Congressional Candidate) and, a startup accelerator with, Kaibab industries, and others. Through his endeavors at FAME, Mr. Felt acquired nationwide contracts for strategic launches and business development with Big O Tires, Papa John’s, Papa Murphy’s, Delta Airlines, Chili’s, T.G.I.Fridays, and countless others businesses. In 2005 Mr. Felt created a strategic partnership with Kevin Harrington from ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, and his company TVGoods, now Through this unique partnership, they were able to launch brands and products with George Foreman, 50Cent, Vanilla Ice, Hulk Hogan,,, In 2007 Mr. Felt set the internet record for the highest per day website/product launch, hitting a record $3.7M in less than 6 hours.
He is a sought-after founder, speaker, educator and keynote, and even spoke at the prestigious SANG (Speaker Author Networking Group) Event in Los Angeles. He was amongst Tony Hsieh, founder of, Jeffrey Hayzlett, CEO of, and Peter Guber of MGM, Paula Abdul and Tony Robbins, to address over 1200 influencers, CEO’s, and philanthropists.

Golden Nuggets of Wisdom:

These we’re given to me from someone who exited for $2.2B

1) Don’t quit your day job.

2) Don’t bet the farm.

3) A good idea will support itself.



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