Getting uncomfortable enough to make change

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In this episode, our guest is Jason Bost. He’s a father, law professor, and an author who can make a room full of people uncomfortable (discretion is recommended as we discuss language that might offend some listeners!)

From mix tapes to law professor, Bost’s journey has never been a straight line. He seeks to spark dialogue about diversity and community with his recently published autobiography, “White Nigger: The Struggles & Triumphs Growing Up Bi-Racial in America.”

We talk about how our failures teach us more than our successes, discuss what it takes to effectuate change, and we answer burning questions like

Josh – “How do I talk to people about this book without getting punched in the face?”


Jason – “A fried asked me, when white people dance why do their butts look so tight?”

We had an awesome, fun, and pretty honest conversation about the variety of perspective he’s gained in his career and the ways in which he’s stood up to hardship.  Listen in to our conversation and let’s begin conversations that bring people together.

Reach out to Jason! DM him on InstagramFacebook, Twitter, or visit his website for a free download of his book by providing your e-mail (first 5 people get a free copy). All you have to do his use the hashtag #betthejockey.

Hope you enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

      1. Tap into a team of people smarter than you!
      2. Have a business plan to give you structure and focus.
      3. Be flexible when hurdles pop up.

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