From Green Berets to Private Equity – with Edwin Epperson III

Edwin Epperson knows he has been given a mission beyond the service, he has been entrusted with the stewardship of his investors capital. His personal mission statement is “To appropriate the gifts and talents I have been given and entrusted with, directing all praise, glory, and honor to Jesus Christ.” Since 2014 with the help of family, friends and fellow military members Mr. Epperson has successfully originated, held and sold more than 75 loans, totaling just over seven and a half million dollars. He believes very passionately in iMpact Investing, where the investors are not only making a reliable return on their money but their investments are specifically impacting and influencing local communities where they are investing. Mr. Epperson believes in donating to causes and non-profits that align with what he calls the four social vertical challenges.
Mr. Epperson was honorably discharged from the US Army Special Forces, Green Berets after 13 ½ years of service. With combat tours to the Middle East, Africa, and South America, he honed his leadership skills, making clear and decisive decisions while under the extreme stress of combat. His Core principals revolve around Communication, Extreme Ownership, and Gratitude. His attention to detail, care for the men and women he works with, and a passion to help others has propelled him into success in his current endeavor of becoming a private equity fund manager. His fund, Blue Ocean Vertical Fund, invests in real estate by, with and through 1st position loans, 2nd position, JV and Equity plays.
Edwin currently lives in the Greater Tampa FL area with his wife of three years, Carolina Epperson. He is a devout follower of Jesus, dedicated to his church, and passionate about helping military veterans outreach groups, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs.

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