Freelancer Vs Employee – Interview with Connor Gillivan

Looking to hire top freelance talent to take work off your plate?  Listen in on this interview with Connor Gillivan, the co-founder and cmo of the FreeeUp marketplace.  He helps business owners find, hire, and manage pre-vetted freelancers from around the world at affordable costs.

My Entrepreneurial Story
As an Amazon seller veteran, eCommerce expert, and outsourcing guru, I am passionate about building profitable businesses that address specific customer needs within the eCommerce world.

Starting out of my college dorm room, I spent 4 years working with my business partners to build an eCommerce business selling on With the venture, I’ve sold over $25 million online, have worked with over 1,000 suppliers, and have managed over 500,000 products.

After hiring and firing hundreds of remote freelancers and virtual assistants with my Amazon venture, my business partner and I started to address the frustrations we were facing on other marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer: (1) too much time interviewing and vetting freelancers and (2) too much turnover.

FreeeUp receives hundreds of applications from freelancers each week, interviews them for skills, communication, and attitude, then only allows the top 1% into the network. Those freelancers then make their services available from $5 to $75 per hour.

What exactly do I do?
► Help eCommerce and online companies hire reliable freelancers so that they can stay focused on what they do best within their business.
► Coach eCommerce entrepreneurs build their business from the ground up following eCommerce best practices and hacks.
► Build content centered around outsourcing, eCommerce, and building online businesses through lean bootstrapping strategies.
► Appear on podcasts sharing my knowledge of eCommerce, building remote teams, selling on Amazon, and being an entrepreneur.

1) Stay focused on what you do best…outsource the rest.

2) Find a business partner that complements your skill sets and that has the same vision as you for the company.

3) Build a company culture as you hire people to inspire and consistently motivate.


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