Here are the incredible people who have shared their story on the Bet The Jockey Show

Retirement Recess – Interview with Edward J Zinkiewicz

Short: Ed is an author, speaker, and podcast host who will be sharing his insights intro retirement and what nearly or newly retired folks can do to avoid the surprises, disappointments, aggravations, and fears so many others face.

Long: Between surprises that stem from retirement, disturbing changes due to aging, and false starts, over 60% of retirees find themselves worried, bored, or sad in retirement. And a great many of them struggle to find a meaningful way to keep active after retirement.

Ed Zinkiewicz is on a mission to help retirees beat those odds. Speaker, author, and podcast host, Ed is spreading the word to nearly and newly retired folks so they can find joy, make friends, and keep up.

No stranger to these problems himself, Ed tells how he and his wife worked their way into a fulfilling retirement after their initial foray into these surprisingly muddy waters. How hard could it be to stop work? Ed can tell you exactly.

Join him as he introduces the three basic stepping stones he and his wife used to climb into their new, now extremely satisfying retirement.

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Excuses or Choices – Interview with Jessica Brightman

JB is a marketing creative who decided to give up the normal 9 to 5 and is now freelancing her way around the world.

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Fired Over Voicemail – Interview with John Crowley

John Crowley helps pharmaceutical and medical device sales representatives build a personal brand so they can take control of their career and make much, much more money.

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Trust Your Gut – Interview with Vic Pascucci III

Vic is Managing Partner of Lightbank, a seed and series A venture fund headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The firm was founded in 2010 by Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell who have founded 6 companies (Inner Workings, Echo Logistics, Media Ocean, Groupon, Tempus Labs and Uptake) which have generated over $12B in value. Lightbank is a top performing fund when benchmarked against Cambridge Associates 2010 vintage report. The firm sources proprietary investment opportunities from its network of 10,000 + operators, 250+ funded founders and co-founders, entrepreneurial DNA and deep networks across financial services, consumer and software.

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PowerPoint Nomads – Interview with Camille Holden and Taylor Croonquist

Camille and Taylor are digital nomads and expert PowerPoint trainers who spend their weekdays helping busy professionals save PowerPoint hours and gain peace of mind; and their weekends going on globetrotting adventures.

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Be Habitually Helpful – Interview with Alan Peters

Alan is a technologist and a serial entrepreneur with three exits and the world’s most expensive MBA. His newest business, Shasta Recruiting, helps startups hire great people. He loves helping entrepreneurs and is here to talk about how to build great teams.

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Engineering Generosity – Interview with Tim Kachuriak

In this episode Josh interviews Tim Kachuriak, the Chief Innovation and Optimization Officer and Founder of NextAfter, a fundraising research lab and consultancy aimed at helping nonprofits generate more giving.

The goal of this “for cause” company is to create the most generous generation the world has ever seen. Using a data driven systems and behavioral economics, Tim and his team aim to de-code what drives people to give. NextAfter has ran over 12,000 marketing optimization experiments that are publicly sourced for other companies to use freely.

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Serial CEO and Mother of 5 – Interview with Elizabeth Hawkins

Liz is a wife, mother of five, CEO of two companies and a serial entrepreneur. She helps busy people create content in any language.

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Political Fundraising on Blockchain – Interview with Inman Porter

Inman Porter is founder and CEO of SupPorter, which is one of the world’s first blockchain enabled donation platform for political campaigns. SupPorter offers individuals a cheaper, faster and more transparent to donate using cutting edge blockchain technology.

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How To Enjoy Boredom – Interview with Aymard Dudok de Wit

Aymard is an entrepreneur, advisor, and angel investor predominantly active in the personal development, social impact, and blockchain space

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Be A Kingmaker – Interview with John Ramstead

John has been married for 26 years to his best friend and has three sons. It has been six years since a near fatal accident changed the trajectory of his life. With a miracle from God, his family and friends he is using this second chance to help leaders live beyond influence.

As John recovered he sought direction on why God saved him and what He now wants him to do. This led John to a new calling: take this second chance and pour into other leaders to equip and inspire them to accomplish what has been inspired in them.

John’s career as Navy F-14 pilot, entrepreneur, Fortune 500 management team member and board chair has equipped him to serve others towards extraordinary lives and businesses so they can lead beyond influence.

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Enjoy Your Failure – Interview with Gayatri Sarkar

I’m a General Partner at Blockchain based Sports Venture Fund named SportVEST, looking to invest in innovative sports startups building future of sports and creating the sports market valuation beyond $500B+ global economy.

I have 12 years of exp in fintech industry. Previously, worked as manager at Federal Reserve Bank, Treasury, Goldman Sachs, IBM, HP, EU bank. Founded two startups, one successful and one unsuccessful.

My expertise are venture capital, fundraising, deal flow, strategy management, product development, fintech, big data. My interest/research area is blockchain. As an angel investor, I’m passionate about emerging technology in Blockchain, AI, ML, IOT, cybersecurity.

I’m an advocate of blockchain for climate control and an investor in crypto market. I am on board of multiple Blockchain and non-Blockchain companies. Mentor at multiple accelerators and advisor for blockchain companies. Writer at Hackernoon and other Blockchain focussed publications.

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Step Into Who You Are – Interview with Justin Schenck

Justin is the host of the top ranked podcast the Growth Now Movement and has been named a Top 8 Podcaster to watch in 2018 by and chosen as an ‘Icon of Influence’ in the new media space.

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The Work-A-Frolic -Interview with Hank Hoffmeier

Hank is an author, speaker, Strategic Insights Manager at iContact, and host of Hank’s Business and Marketing Tips Podcast.

Through the use of email marketing and marketing automation, Hank helps give all marketers what they really want — to acquire more customers, increase revenue, and avoid costly mistakes. He puts the profits in their pockets!

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Relationships First – Interview with Brad Smith

Brad is the owner of AutomationLinks where they believe building relationships on your website is the best way to succeed online.

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