Day 6 Entrepreneurial Journal – 4-14-2018

Here are the fastest ways that I know to make money….

Sell Stuff & Serve Others

Well, I already sold most of my assets and possessions that I could part with easily… so next up is service to others.

I know that I can make money doing things for people that they don’t know how to do or that they don’t want to do it.

When looking at what you can do to serve others, you have to find out what you are really good at and that people need (and value).

For me, it was really hard narrowing my service down to a specific focus.  So what I did is look at what I enjoy doing, I am good at, and the kinds of people I like really need.

Here is what I came up with…

I am really good at personal branding and positioning…

I really love working with founders, entrepreneurs and business leaders…

These people could use some help with how they present themselves and build relationships on LinkedIn.

Therefore >>>>>>>

I can help people with their LinkedIn!

Listen in on my podcast to learn more….

If you are interested in having me help you, you can send me a message on LinkedIn or click the link below.

About the author, Joshua

Josh Wilson is the host of Bet The Jockey, an inspirational podcast for growth-minded entrepreneurs, and he's got a fire in him.
This is obvious within ten seconds of every episode: his gregarious nature glows with good humor, his warmth evident from voice alone.
His passion is to help fellow entrepreneurs find their fire and teach them how to keep it. The first comes as second-nature for Josh. The second part? Well, that's where Josh really has to strive..... to read more about Josh, click on the link below

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