Crowdfunding Commercial Real Estate – With Adam Pressman

Adam is the founder of Crowdfund Roundup, an alternative financial services company, and doesn’t want to die knowing that investors are still losing money backing the startups that will build wealth and opportunity in their communities.

I’m challenging the orthodoxy in how people find, fund and perform the work that will change lives; maybe the world…and having a great time doing it. I’ve helped a number of folks become millionaires. I’d like to do it a few more times.

CEO of Syndicate Path

Syndicate Path brings the power of crowdfunding to commercial real estate brokers across the US. We are a one stop, full service, turnkey crowdfunding consultancy. You bring the building for sale. We provide a fully operational investment crowdfunding website (in your name). We provide marketing materials, legal templates and access to a securities lawyer, emails and e-mail lists of accredited investors. You can tell the seller that they will get the full asking price in as little as 45 days. There is no buyer’s broker. You keep 100% of both sides of the commission. Finally, we do it all for less than many charge for the legal fees alone.

In my role as CEO I’ve assembled a team, unique to real estate crowdfunding, of people who’ve actually done it for decades. Leveraging my expertise in tech, human professional development and crowd finance, I will guarantee you will find no team that will work harder for you than us to make the most of the opportunity you entrust with us to fulfill your mission. I speak for the whole team in conveying how grateful we will be for the chance to help you succeed.

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