Cover Your Assets – Interview with Scott Smith

Why Real Estate Investors Need Professional Asset Protection?

If you’re a real estate investor in the USA or Canada that has property in your own name, you’re at risk. As an Asset Protection attorney and real estate investor myself, I can both PROTECT and HIDE your assets. I pride myself on establishing these structures to stop lawsuits before they start.

Did you know one in four Americans will be sued in their lifetimes? Real estate investors are targeted even more frequently. If you get sued, the only question that matters is whether your assets are legally protected.

Asset protection is like fire insurance, only instead of saving you from fire damage, it prevents lawsuits from wiping out your assets. Proper asset protection provides full coverage, from before a lawsuit occurs after a judgment is made.

Topics we talk about on the show:

How you can take risks in business while protecting our net worth

(1) Always separate assets from the Operations (assets from the active business)

(2) Hire professionals (lawyers and CPA’s) that are also business people, preferably in your line of business

(3) Try to eliminate one thing every day that causes you the WRONG type of stress (and outsource it to someone else)



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