Bet The Jockey-Introduction

Episode 1 – Josh Wilson introduces himself and his passion for promoting entrepreneurship.


Welcome to Episode 1 for “Bet The Jockey!”

In this episode, I explain the future of “Bet The Jockey” videos/podcasts and what you can expect. I discuss the type of interviews and valuable content that you will be receiving on a weekly basis from entrepreneurs across the world. Some of the interviewees are already super successful while others are new entrepreneurs just starting out. They will share with you information on how they did it, the types of investments they are making, and their thoughts on entrepreneurship in general. They will share it all with you.

I will also explain how “Bet The Jockey” came to be and how it applies to your business today.

I’m excited to start this journey with you! Thanks for joining me!

Josh –

Key Takeaways:

  1. Know your personal value proposition
  2. Go with your strengths – delegate your weaknesses
  3. Be ready for a shift in the future of entrepreneurship and the economy