Bet The Jockey – Interview with Dr. Kent Gustavson, CEO and Founder of Blooming Twig

Episode 6



Welcome to Episode 6 for “Bet The Jockey!”

In this episode, I interview Dr. Kent Gustavson, Founder and CEO of Books That Matter by Blooming Twig. He is an award winning author, ghostwriter, and publisher. He has been a speaker on TEDx, and is a serial entrepreneur. Dr. Kent loves helping others find their personal brand through their own life experiences.

Dr. Kent and I do a personal branding session where he asks me questions to get to the heart of how and why I came to where I am today. I explain how bad things got for me and how I turned that negativity into helping other people.

Dr. Kent explains the next steps for Blooming Twig is to help others realize their personal brand and be an “amplifier for amplifiers.” To get your complimentary 15 minute session with Dr. Kent and get 50% off your next call, click here:

Hope you enjoy!


Key Takeaways:

  1. Build yourself up as much as any product or service you are developing. It will yield better returns in the long run.
  2. Know your own story. Tell it whenever you have a chance.
  3. Embrace your failure and weakest moments. These become the cornerstones of your path.


About the author, Joshua

Josh Wilson is the host of Bet The Jockey, an inspirational podcast for growth-minded entrepreneurs, and he's got a fire in him.
This is obvious within ten seconds of every episode: his gregarious nature glows with good humor, his warmth evident from voice alone.
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