The Art of CRM (with Lars Helgeson)

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In this episode, I talk to CEO and Founder of GreenRope, Lars Helgeson. His ground-breaking holistic approach to customer relationship management fulfills his passion for helping small businesses focus on the art of their services. If the finer details of marketing your business or building brand loyalty stress you out, listen up!

Lars tells us that the real challenge for entrepreneurs is understanding not only how their business works but also how to make sense of their customer data. Every great business idea must reckon with the question: how do I make this something for which people will pay me money? This part can be such a distraction for the idealistic entrepreneur, maybe even a discouragement. Lars understands, which is why he gave us the worlds only complete CRM. Awesome, right?

Join me for a spirited, down-to-earth conversation with a true pioneer. Lars is an entrepreneur’s best friend and he’s looking to spread the word that CRM is more than just a sales tool, it’s a fully-realized approach to understanding how data can be analyzed and used to benefit your business.

Learn more about Lars Helgeson at his LinkedIn and check out his book, CRM for Dummies. If you’re ready to talk specifics, visit GreenRope and schedule a live demo today!

Hope you enjoy

Key Takeaways:

                1. Although it’s good to listen to the naysayers for the added perspective, even the well-respected and well-meaning can steer you astray. Prove them wrong!
                2. The people you share your passion with is the people you want to work with.
                3. Take ownership of your half of your business relationship. Doing everything you can to do the right thing gives you the freedom to move on if “this isn’t for me.”

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