Good Day, My Name Is Josh.

Josh Wilson is the host of Bet The Jockey, an inspirational podcast for growth-minded entrepreneurs, and he's got a fire in him.
This is obvious within ten seconds of every episode: his gregarious nature glows with good humor, his warmth evident from voice alone.
His passion is to help fellow entrepreneurs find their fire and teach them how to keep it. The first comes as second-nature for Josh. The second part? Well, that's where Josh really has to strive.
"I really didn't have a choice," Josh confides, regarding entrepreneurship as a necessity. "Being an entrepreneur speaks to who I am. It's the way I take charge and connect directly with what matters most in my life."
Hustle has never been a question for Josh. Selling scrap plywood from his dad's job site to other kids for their skateboard ramps or even candy to classmates after school, young Josh delighted in the art of business. And growing up, he's never been one to take a predictable route when he could instead zigzag.
He wrestled alligators for a nature park, brokered millions of dollars in deals as a real estate broker, fought fires as a firefighter, built entrepreneur centers, worked in a venture capital fund, built a consultancy, founded an online health and fitness company, and is a serial podcaster.
Some successes and even more failures discouraged him but he is unwilling to give up finding just the right fuel for his fire. Throughout the many pivots in his professional life, Josh knew that he could always depend on his perseverance to carry him through. Inspired, he realized that his business wasn't a simple product or service but inspiration itself!
That's when Josh started recording Bet The Jockey as a way to help others find their spark. By interviewing internationally renowned authors, investors, professional athletes, as well as self-made freelancers, Josh hopes to pass on the kinds of insights, education, and hope that helped to keep his passion burning.
And the funny thing is, in his efforts to inspire others, Josh ends each interview having been inspired himself. He knows first-hand how enriching these interviews can be and shares with his audience the very fuel he's been seeking all along.  Josh found a way to focus his fire and share the warmth to help fellow entrepreneurs strive for greatness.
Cheers and Onwards
Your fellow Jockey - Josh