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Day 12 entrepreneurial journal 4-20-2018

Revenue update: I landed a small project  with my freelance in business for 150 bucks! My last coaching session went really well.  We recorded a live video training session on how to optimize their LinkedIn and how to acquire new contacts, relationships and affiliate partners using LinkedIn. Topics for the day: Just in time learning….

Day 11 Entrepreneurial Journal 4-19-2018

Today I share my views on discovering your passion and purpose…   Can I ask you a few questions?

What is the difference between passion and purpose?

Which is greater?

What is your passion?

What is your purpose?

How To Rebuild Yourself – With Leanne Cannon

Here is an interview with Leanne Cannon, Author, Speaker, Business Coach and founder of Dream Achievers Unlimited, a personal development and business training company. She helps entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve their business objectives, while also empowering women to overcome adversity and transform their lives through her Divas With A Dream women’s group. Leanne…