8 Figures, Rinse and Repeat (with Sohail Khan)

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In this episode, I have a chat with my buddy, joint venture expert Sohail Khan. He’s a Business Growth Speaker, Coach and Author who works as a JV consultant with Corporate, Business and Educational establishments worldwide. Sohail has brokered deals that have made 7+ figures and has made himself many more, despite seasons when he lost everything. He’s here to talk to us about how we can grow to collect these numbers for ourselves.

How does a Joint Venture Expert make money? How do you even become one? Sohail answers these questions by teaching us about the JV Mindset. This is a perspective that entails understanding strategic alliances and how to monetize your potential as a connector! Introducing hard workers to hard work is, well, hard. This is the JV expert’s bread and butter and Sohail is just the guy to show us how to make ourselves indispensable assets to those we bring together.

I’m so grateful for Sohail’s place in my life: I remember when I reached out to him and he gifted me the book he co-authored,“Guerrilla Marketing and Joint Ventures.” It explains, step-by-step, how entrepreneurs can use smarter marketing and joint ventures to generate maximum profits from minimum investments. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Entrepreneurs know that failure is inevitable: plenty of us know the feeling of going back to live with Mom. But with support of family and persistence, the ground is as perfect a place as any to realize the only way left to go is up and keeping moving forward. Sohail’s managed the figures to prove it!

Check out his awesome program offer, an extraordinary value from a man who knows what he’s talking about. Take note! Access to this deal is limited so jump on in now! You can learn more about Sohail Khan and his wisdom here and here and reach out to him on LinkedIn.

Hope you enjoy

Key Takeaways:

              1. When trying to promote yourself, settling for a lesser cut than you had hoped isn’t without the potential benefit of giving you the momentum you need to get your horse in the race.
              2. Mentors are absolutely vital. Find wisdom in someone who knows what they’re doing.
              3. Soul searching and desperate for perspective? Ask yourself: “what would I do if I knew I could never fail?”



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