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Josh takes you on his journey as he tries to recover from a financial catastrophe and choosing entrepreneurship as his path.

He began the show when he was on top of the world, making money and building an empire.  However, a few bad deals completely wiped him out and now he has to pivot quickly to feed his family.

Along the way, he interviews and shares the message of incredible entrepreneurs to learn about building businesses and rebuilding his life. 

Armed with a computer, a phone, microphone, and a negative bank account, Josh shares his daily journey of an entrepreneur who lost it all and is fighting to climb again.  

Day One of the Great Pivot...

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Day 18 Entrepreneurial Journal

How do you deal with anxiety?

Day 17 Entrepreneur Journal

Revenue update: $260! Way to go wifey!
My wife is an incredible photographer and it was so awesome to see her thrive and shine doing the art she loves and making money doing it.

Day 16 entrepreneurial journal

Have you ever hit a financial hardship and then got hit with all sorts of fees and charges?

It’s hard to climb out of a hole when you keep having extra weight added to your back and the hole keeps getting deeper.

Day 15 entrepreneurial journal

What should I do when I feel overwhelmed? How do I balance family and work?

Day 14 Entrepreneurial Journal

How do you deal with discouragement?

Day 13 Entrepreneurial Journal4-21-2018

Can a city boy ride a horse? What is the future of entrepreneurship?

Day 12 entrepreneurial journal 4-20-2018

Revenue update: I landed a small project  with my freelance in business for 150 bucks! My last coaching session went really well.  We recorded a live video training session on how to optimize their LinkedIn and how to acquire new contacts, relationships and affiliate partners using LinkedIn. Topics for the day: Just in time learning….

Day 11 Entrepreneurial Journal 4-19-2018

Today I share my views on discovering your passion and purpose…   Can I ask you a few questions?

What is the difference between passion and purpose?

Which is greater?

What is your passion?

What is your purpose?

Day 10 Entrepreneurial Journal 4-18-2018

The three pillars of profit and purpose…

Who am I, Who do I serve, and What do I do for them?

Listen in on the audio to learn more about my journey.

Day 9 Entrepreneurial Journal 4-17-2018

Revenue Updates: $1,250 ($250 from freelancing project and $1,000 coaching client)
Wahoo! What is a freelancer? – Listen in on the show to learn what it is and where it came from.

Day 8 – Journal for April 16 2018

Entrepreneurs do not starve, we drown in opportunities.

How do you say NO?

Day 7 Entrepreneurial Journal 4-15-2018

Today I share two topics that hit me……

It is better to give, but it is far harder to receive. and How do you deal with anxiety?

Day 6 Entrepreneurial Journal – 4-14-2018

Here are the fastest ways that I know to make money…. Sell Stuff & Serve Others Well, I already sold most of my assets and possessions that I could part with easily… so next up is service to others. I know that I can make money doing things for people that they don’t know how…

Journal Day 5 – April 13, 2018

I was walking around with shame, guilt, and condemnation on myself from my failures in life and business. I was asked…do you need to forgive yourself?

Entrepreneurial Journal Day 4 – April 12, 2018

I’ve read hundreds of books, worked with successful people, been advised by really smart businesses leaders yet…. I have been a fool.

Journal Day 3 – April 11, 2018

No matter how dark it gets, focus on something you are thankful for and say it out loud over and over again.  

Journal Day 2 – April 10, 2018

Last night I dropped my mask and lifted up my mic to share the real-life journey of an entrepreneur in real time.  

What is really going on behind the mic – Journal Day 1

This is not easy for me, in fact I am embarrassed and scared. I had a few deals that set me back to zero and now I am starting from scratch again.  I have bills on bills and have to work my way out of a hole and rebuild myself and my business. 

Interviews with Successful Entrepreneurs

Creating Thought Leaders: With Mitchell Levy

Mitchell Levy is The AHA Guy at AHAthat and CEO and Thought Leader Architect at THiNKaha. He and his team make it easy for corporations to easily create compelling content that help turn their experts into recognized thought leaders and entrepreneurs.

How To Rebuild Yourself – With Leanne Cannon

Here is an interview with Leanne Cannon, Author, Speaker, Business Coach and founder of Dream Achievers Unlimited, a personal development and business training company. She helps entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve their business objectives, while also empowering women to overcome adversity and transform their lives through her Divas With A Dream women’s group. Leanne…

A Sew Powerful Charity with Jason Miles

he’s sold millions online, passionate about helping others grow their online businesses, and co-founded Sew Powerful a thriving charity combating extreme poverty by creating sustainable jobs

Create Forever Transactions with Robbie Kellman Baxter

Learn how to create forever transactions and subscription-based models from the author of The Membership Economy

How Introverts Can Be Superconnectors with Ryan Paugh

How an introvert became “a cult legend in the online-community building world”… Ryan is focused on creating a strong membership experience and positive business outcomes for thousands of successful executives, thought leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs across the country.

Mentor to Mentor (with Tom Goodlet)

An interview with Tom Goodlet on mentorship: both finding guidance and giving it. Mentorship is often seasonal and is not a lifelong commitment. The hardest step is getting started.

Entrepreneurship for Others (with Cameron Siskowic)

Cameron works with multiple cancer research foundations and devotes a lot of his entrepreneurial fire to raising money for causes dear to him. After throwing 14 different charity events in 10 countries in 2017, he decided to tell his story in the hopes of inspiring the next generation of business owners to stand up for what is right.

How To Hire Rockstars (with Jeff Hyman)

An interview with Executive Recruiter Jeff Hyman on how to find the right people to build your company.

The Power of Words (with Jennifer Hill)

Welcome to Bet The Jockey! This week, I interview Jennifer Hill. She has spent over a decade as a professional recruiter, motivational speaker, media personality, author, social media & career expert. Jennifer began recruiting in 2003 and specializes in recruiting for top-tier law firms & corporations throughout the country.  She eventually opened her own staffing firm,…

Selling with Social Media (with Phil Gerbyshak)

Welcome to Bet The Jockey! In this episode, I interview Phil Gerbyshak. He’s a sales & marketing technology speaker & trainer and he wants to show us how to boost business using social media. He teaches entrepreneurs how to drive sales growth by creating personal connections and strong relationships, by understanding your customers’ deeper problems…

No-Fluff Guide to Winning New Customers (with Jean Ginzburg)

Welcome to Bet The Jockey! Today’s guest is Jean Ginzburg, Digital Marketing Expert and #1 best-selling author of the book Win New Customers. Jean Ginzburg is a best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, digital marketing expert with more than 10 years of industry expertise helping companies scale revenue, optimize sales and marketing processes and improve productivity. Jean…

Social Capital is the New Currency: An Interview With Scott Gerber

Welcome to Bet The Jockey!   Scott Gerber is CEO of The Community Company, an organization that builds and manages professional communities for media companies and global brands. He is the founder of YEC, an invitation-only organization comprised of the world’s most successful young entrepreneurs, and Forbes Councils, a collective of invitation-only organizations for elite…

How To Master Change With Leonardo Daniel

Welcome to Bet The Jockey! Leonardo is an international motivational coach and speaker, management coach and author of the book “Mastering Change“.  He is the creator of the Rechange model for personal development and an expert in personality diagnosis through the science of Quirology. Leonardo’s passion lies in enabling people to achieve their full potential, fulfill their dreams…

Our Mark on the World (with Devin Thorpe)

Welcome to Bet The Jockey! In this episode, I interview Devin Thorpe. As a new-media journalist and founder of the Your Mark on the World Center, Devin has established himself as a champion of social good. As a Forbes contributor, with 400 bylines and over one million unique readers, he has become a recognized name…

Make Money Doing Nothing (interview with Jay Fiset)

Welcome to Bet The Jockey! In this interview, Jay challenges me (and hopefully all of our listeners) on what it means to truly serve your clients. Sometimes that means releasing them to another consultant. Jay explains how he has built million dollar mastermind groups and joint venture opportunities that have helped him and his connections…

How to make money with your ideas! (with Stephen Key)

Welcome to Bet The Jockey! In this episode, I meet Stephen Key: inventor, author, and co-founder of InventRight, LLC. His book “One Simple Idea for Startups and Entrepreneurs” details just how simple it is to make a fortune selling or “renting out” your great idea. And he should know! You’ll be amazed at how many…

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Hi, my name is Josh.  I am an entrepreneur.

Like most pioneers who have tried to do it "my way" there have been a ton of pivots in my journey.

Want to know a few?  Well let me just list some of the ventures I have been part of.

I have... sold shoes, mowed lawns, wrestled alligators, swam with the Venture Capitalists, sold real estate, put out fires, moved boxes, built websites, delivered babies, taught at college, did security, built homes, served food, helped fund businesses, shrank bodies, parked cars, and there a few I could tell you but...  jk

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Blogs and Other....

How Do I Journal

How do I journal? Is this a question you ask your self? As I was running I was thinking of all the questions I was getting in regards to journaling, so I created this video after one of my intervals. This is how I journal. I hope this is helpful. Are you brave enough to…

You are not that smart – Stop trying to fix you on your own

What does Google, Facebook, and other successful companies do when they want to grow? M & A: Mergers and Acquisitions   If you want to change or improve your situation, stop trying to fix you on your own. You are not that smart. Think M&A Partner with someone who fills a void in your weakness gap. You…

What am I supposed to do with my life?

What is my purpose? I would lay in bed staring at the ceiling wondering what am I supposed to do with my life. Walk with me as we discuss the three pillars of purpose… Who am I – the personal value proposition Who do I serve – your people What do I do for them…

Jobs on the Chopping Block

Did you receive this advice growing up? Get a degree … get a job … work there loyally for 35 years … pay your dues AND THEN Retire on the beach in south Florida and live out the rest of your life (what’s left of it) swinging golf clubs and sipping margaritas while listening to…

Follow The Fun Interview – Coffee With Claire TV

I was visiting one of my friend’s TV shows here in Dallas called Coffee With Claire which airs on WBTVN (Women’s Broadcast Television Network which has millions of online viewers) to say hi and to watch one of her shows. Well, I should have know that Claire, who teaches improve professionally would have something up…

Kid-Preneur Tip # 1: How to make money

My daughter asked this morning if we can make money together… I said sure bud, how do we make money.  Her response was brilliant. Entrepreneurs make money by talking (education, training, etc) and by changing diapers (cleaning up people’s messes!) Great business tips from a 4 year old kid-preneur  

Capture Creativity

Capture creativity when it comes to you.  If you do not, it will quickly run from you and find someone else who is worthy of it  

The Expert Journey

Are you looking to build your own consultancy your agency? Or do you just want to be the top your game and be known as the expert for your niche? This is the expert journey.   Do it first for another expert. Learn from them on their dollar, extracting every bit of knowledge and experience…

Growth Thru Strategic Partnerships

When growing your audience it is your job as entrepreneur to identify your ideal customer, find out where they congregate and how to attract and capture their attention. To do this you can look to divert audience flow from another channel towards yours.  If you choose this route you will have to convince and convert…

Yes And…

Entrepreneur Tip # 9: “Yes And…..” – Claire My friend Claire hosts a tv show, coaches entrepreneurs, and is an improve comedian… Yesterday I went to watch one of her shows and when I showed up she said I am up next for one of her mini series and I will be on camera in…

iTunes Reviews

This is Free?!

Josh packs a ton of great information for the aspiring entrepreneur in his show. I have been a fan since I got recommended by a friend. The amazing part is that he’s doing this for free. The knowledge within is worth big time bucks.

by aabell03 from United States

New Talent, Great Premise

Josh is a quality interviewer & has a solid background in entrepreneurship. His insights with his guests are different than other podcasts because he’s got real world experience behind it.

by Music2Heart101 from United States


What tremendous value Josh brings to his audience, an absolute treat to listen to!

by Trevor Norton from United States

Minding your Bizness

Really personable, great energy! Optimistic take on what can be a very dry and defeating subject. The host could definitely stand to get to the point and edit down content; the host can ramble and get caught up in his own enthusiasm, distracting from his focus. When he gets there, though, its a valuable insight from a down-to-earth perspective.

by garbageghost from United States

A Wealth of Information

Greast podcast & host. Josh always has a smile on his face & make the interview feel more personable & easier to connect with guests. The lessons learned from hearing & seeing others overcome challenges is really inspiring & motivating.

by A Wealth of Information from United States